Guide to Planning, Launching & Maintaining Corporate Uniform Programs Online

Posted by Rick Levine on Jul 26, 2016 10:20:23 AM

iStock_31294168_XLARGE.jpgAs long as there have been companies wearing uniforms the concept of the “uniform program” has been around. A “uniform program” is the general term used to define the complete package of products and services involved in a uniform company selling the products to and managing the inventory of what a company or government agency wears. The planning, design, purchasing, manufacturing and distribution of the various items worn by employees at a company needs to be managed and monitored by a number of stakeholders.

The best-practice in today’s digital world is to setup a corporate uniform program online. The uniform retailer, dealer or manufacturer (as the case may be) that supplies the apparel and accessories sets up their customer with a website that offers the ability to place orders, manage employee purchasers and monitor the status of their uniform requirements.

These online private stores are the ultimate in customer service. The ability for employees to login to a website and order their uniforms has become an essential ingredient to the success of a uniform program.

There may be simple purchasing rules – such as selecting a size and clicking submit. Conversely, there may be complicated business rules – such as how many of each item is an employee allowed to order during a specific time period. The important ingredient is to plan all aspects of the uniform program, clearly understand how the company would like to control the purchase of uniform items, and determine what type of reporting all stakeholders require.

There are also considerations for how inventory is handled. How can returns be requested? How will supervisors be able to monitor or approve purchases where required? How much security is required as far as employee logins?

We have prepared an eBook on the topic called “The Guide to Managing Corporate Uniform Programs Online”.

The eBook is organized into three sections: Planning, Launching and Maintaining. Insights can be found in each area related to managing a corporate uniform program online. The concepts discussed apply to many type of end-users (those who actually wear uniforms), law enforcement agencies, hospitals, transportation companies, restaurants, banks, casinos and more.

Take a look and download the guide today.


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