Introducing Packing Slips, Shopper Side Order Notes and More!

Posted by Ryan Quinn on Mar 9, 2016 1:30:00 PM
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iStock_000049283022_Double.jpgHello, its that time again!

The team here at UniformMarket is proud to announce some great new features, enhancements and fixes from our 03/04/2016 release. In this release we have a few new features that have been rolled out including Packing Slips and an order notes field on the checkout page so that your shoppers can include a message with their order.

On top of the new features we've made other improvements, including the Advanced Search within Deals in the admin back-end, better logic behind the allow back-order functionality, increased handling and more clear verbiage for our of stock products/SKUs.

Lastly, there was a fix for an issue that arouse having to do with filters on the front-end showing incorrect information when the "Hide Price" setting was toggled to "Yes" on the back-end. 

Packing Slips

There have been a number of requests from users for Packing Slips, and they will now by default be sent out to the store administrator as part of the order process . The template can be customized in Marketing >> Email Templates >> Packing Slips and a CC email can be added in the same area.


Additionally, these Packing Slips can be printed out individually or in bulk by selecting a particular order or orders on the View Orders page in the back-end:



Shopper Side Additional Information

Here is another feature that has received a high number of requests -- Shopper Side Additional Information option on the checkout page. This "field" can be used in a number of different ways but ultimately the goal is to allow your shoppers to provide information for their orders beyond just their credit cart and shipping info. Here is what the new field look like:












Improved Advanced Search in Deals

Advanced Search within the Deals module in the admin-back end allows store owners to more quickly identify the products they are planing to ad to a deal. Some users reported this process was tedious and the new advanced search should make things much easier. 

Improved "Allow Backorder" Settings

We improved the logic of the "Allow Back-Order" settings within a store. Previously setting Allow Backorders to "Yes" would override the inventory settings so that no message would be displayed if a product was out of stock. A conflict appeared where suppliers could override this setting by setting their products to not be able to allow back-orders at all which resulted in retailers not seeing the expected results when toggling allow back order to "yes". The enhancement just relased allows retailers to make this change and override what the supplier has set.

There are three areas in which these settings can be adjusted.

1. Allowing backorders can be set at the store level, this will apply it to ALL products within the store,

2. Allowing backorders can be set on the supplier level, which applies it to all products from that supplier

3. Allowing backorders can be set on a product by product basis.

The following chart demostrates the different scenarios you might set each for each level and what is the end result:

  Store Settings Supplier Settings in Retailer Store Individual Product Settings Back Order Result
Case 1 Y Y Y Y
Case 2 N Y Y N
Case 3 N N Y N
Case 4 N N N N
Case 5 Y Y N N
Default N N Y N


Out Of Stock Messages

The final enhancement coming out of this last sprint was better handling and verbiage of out of stock products. The following changes were rolled out as a part of that:

  1. If a SKU/SKUs are out of stock – the “Add to Cart” button will be disabled and a "Combination Out of Stock" message will be displayed. For single options the message changes to “Out of Stock”
  1. If a SKU/SKUs are in stock – “Add to Cart” button will be enabled and a "Combination In Stock" message will be displayed. For single options the message changes to “In Stock”
  1. If all SKUs are out of stock – “Add to Cart” button will be disabled and a "Product Sold Out" Banner will be displayed on the product image.

Hide Price Fixed

Lastly, the store-front filter display issues when the "Hide Price" setting was toggled to "Yes" has been corrected so that this feature can now be used without incorrect product information showing up. 

Thank you

That covers everything recently released.  We're eager to hear feedback and already busy at work with our next release. Thanks for taking the time to read through this and stay tuned for more release notes as the UniformMarket team continues to improve our platform!


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