Overlooked Features: Store Credit

Posted by Rick Levine on Dec 6, 2016 9:38:00 AM

uniformmarket_store-credit.jpgThe Sellers Commerce (UniformMarket’s parent company) development team is always thinking of ways to improve the customer experience with their innovative ecommerce features and applications. Some of these features are used every day, while others people hardly know about. One of these overlooked features that might be useful to your business is the Store Credit.

For managing your online uniform store, this feature allows you to give a shopper a credit of any value that can be applied to products in your ecommerce store. As the store owner, you can decide whatever dollar amount you want to issue as you see fit.

Sellers Commerce Store Credits are not coupons or discounts, it’s just straight-up in-store credit. You can give customers store credit if they are unhappy with their previous experience, you want to drive business into your physical location, or you simply want to issue it as a call-to-action in your advertising methods. Examples of promotions using Store Credit could be:

  • “Visit our store at (insert physical location address here) in October and receive a $10 credit to use in our online shop.”
  • “We’re sorry that you had a poor service experience with us. We would like to offer you a $25 store credit that can be used in our online shop for anything you choose.”
  • “Welcome to (insert company name here)! As a thank you for selecting us as your uniform provider, we have added a $100 store credit to your account to be applied to any product(s) you want.”

There is so much you can do with store credit to find and keep loyal customers, or if you want to make things right with someone who happened to have a bad experience. Even though you might be giving away a portion of your product, you will probably see that utilizing store credit in your online uniform store will more than make up for profits in the long run.

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