Updating Your Website Should Not Be Stressful

Posted by Rick Levine on Jan 31, 2017 9:25:00 AM

updating-your-website-does-not-need-to-be-stressful.jpgWebsite visitors demand fresh content, and search engines reward your site with higher rankings when you keep up with that demand. However, as a busy uniform supplier, you have little spare time for creating and deploying new content. Take the stress out of never-ending website updates -- implement a more effective content management system. 


What Is A Content Management System?

A content management system (CMS) is a document-centered application or group of applications designed to upload and edit a website's content. Typically, the system's interface allows multiple employees to publish content directly to the internet. Users can access the CMS remotely and update content while remaining within clearly-defined parameters for layout and style.

How Do I Know If My Website Has A Good CMS?

The ideal CMS will take the hassle out of content management. You and your employees should be able to update your website remotely at a moment's notice, without worrying about whether the update will conform to existing content. Consistency is also important ; end users should all enjoy the same quality of content and the same ease of access. Not sure if your CMS delivers a consistent product? Engage in usability testing to evaluate the uniformity of the user experience.


Should I See The Content As I Update It?

Content updates should be immediately visible. A WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editor is invaluable, as it writes code on your behalf so that you can see changes as they happen. This streamlines the content management process and reduces the risk of unsightly and unprofessional HTML mistakes. 


What If I Make A Mistake?

WYSIWYG is critical for mistake prevention, but no editor is perfect. If an error slips past you and is published online, you should be able to immediately revert back to former versions of the page as you alter the updated content. B2B Retailer Pro from Sellers Commerce stores the past three versions of a page, allowing you to roll back to previous editions whenever necessary. 


What If I Prefer to Build From Scratch?

Websites built from scratch are inherently more stressful to develop and maintain, but they offer an element of personalization sometimes hard to come by with typical content tools. The right CMS, however, can give you the best of both worlds, offering the creative capacity of a site built from scratch along with the reliability and ease of editing that only sophisticated content management can provide.


Should I Work With A Graphic Artist?

Excellent templates are abundant these days, but a graphic artist could take your website to the next level. Crisp, clean visuals are particularly important in the uniform business. If an in-house graphic designer is not in your budget, work with a contractor or take your own high-quality pictures. Templates and graphic design software are easy to use and can improve both your website's appearance and ease of navigation. Remember, function precedes form; focus on developing a navigable site before you get fancy with the graphics and layout. 

If the idea of updating your ecommerce website strikes fear in your heart and among your employees, you need a content management system overhaul. Give the free demo from Sellers Commerce and UniformMarket a test run and let the stress of website management melt away.


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