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Must Haves for Uniform Ecommerce Stores

10 Must-Haves for Uniform Ecommerce Stores

8 min read
Jason May 19, 2021

Every uniform eCommerce store is unique in its own way, but certain elements have to be included on your site that help you stay relevant and competitive in an ever-evolving industry. That’s why we put together our list of 10 must-have features for the modern, contemporary uniform eCommerce store that is guaranteed to attract new shoppers and help turn visitors into advocates. Let’s break each down one by one.

  1. Responsive Design - The uniform buying experience is where you effectively roll out the red carpet for your customers. You can also create private stores that are designed for specific customers only for that truly personal touch. Leading-edge technology can help you create a customized website or private store that’s configured to meet all of your unique business requirements and presents a very responsive design and doesn’t lag behind. Remember that the longer a site takes to load, the more the Google algorithm will punish your site for it.

  2. Mobile-Friendly Version – Did you know that mobile shopping accounts for at least 50% of all online transactions? That means if you’re not creating sites with mobile shopping in mind then you’re missing out on 50% of potential customers. A responsive site that’s mobile-friendly means the website content will adapt to whatever device is accessing it to provide the most user-friendly experience possible.

  3. Embroidery & Personalization – If you’re still doing uniform embroidery and personalization in-store, but not online, you’re missing out. Offering this service online means you can provide customers a wider range of different personalization options that aren’t available or possible in-store. You can also let customers preview their selections first before deciding. Plus, the right kind of embroidery manager can let you manage customization features from the back-end – all under one portal.

  4. High-Res Product Photos & Videos – This is 2021. It’s simply not enough to post a single photo with a few bullet points and a price tag. People want immersive experiences especially in the age of COVID. Since people are avoiding stores still, you need to recreate that in-person shopping experience as best as you can online. This means you need to post as many photos as possible for each product you offer. You can include videos, 3D-imaging… the options go on!

  5. Product Reviews – User-submitted product reviews are a gold mine. Since 95% of shoppers read the reviews before they buy a product, it’s a necessary aspect of any uniform eCommerce site. And what’s more? They don’t even have to be positive. It’s true. Having negative reviews can often be a positive thing as products with only positive reviews can be seen as censored or shoppers will assume they’re faked.

  6. Sizing Solutions – Size Fit Solutions are a relatively new feature that the leading uniform eCommerce platforms are offering. Size Fit Solutions let customers shop for only the items that are available in their size. This emerging technology has already proven to be extremely popular. It truly creates that customized, personalized shopping experience that makes the customer feel special. Look into MySize, Fitle, and others to see how you can incorporate Size Fit solutions into your own site or locate a third-party eCommerce platform provider that offers that feature.

  7. Advanced Payment Options – Consider looking into new forms of payment methods as employees like a little more variety when it comes to paying for new uniforms. If you’re looking into third-party eCommerce platform providers to create your own website, then try to locate one that accommodates a wider range of payment options such as employee allowances, allotments, and others.

  8. Various Shipping Methods – You can easily enhance your site just by adding faster shipping methods and providing detailed shipping information. Most, if you didn’t know by now, love a tracking number – so provide one, wherever possible. The rate at which people purchase uniforms online is significantly faster than buying in-store. This also means they’re less patient. Be sure to provide more shipping options that can get their items to them faster.

  9. FAQ Section – Another simple thing you can include in your site to help you stay ahead of the curve is an FAQ section. Complex purchases require confidence with a seller and detailed information when buying products online versus face-to-face. An additional information section details frequently asked information, which will give your site more credibility and build that confidence with the buyer.

  10. Supply Chain Diversification – In the age of COVID, uniform retailers need to start providing additional options or serving new markets in order to stay ahead in a marketplace that has been threatened by a pandemic. You can freshen up your site and keep your customers engaged just by adding new products from new manufacturers. It may be time to start diversifying your offerings.

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