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Design tips to boost online uniform sales

15 important design tips to boost your online uniform sales

8 min read
Jason November 30, 2020

Your online uniform store’s design is the first thing your customers will notice and engage with as soon as they reach your website.

While creating an online store has become quite simple and quick these days, the main challenge lies in how you design it so that you can leverage the maximum from it.

The average attention span of people these days has come down from 12 to 8 seconds. So, you need to design your website to captivate and grab your customer’s attention before they exit within this time span.

So, we have come up with a comprehensive list of design tips you can implement in your online uniform store today for increased uniform sales. While there are many other kinds of design enhancements out there, the below are the most important ones.

1. Mobile-friendly

If you are a uniform retailer, make sure your website is responsive to mobile devices as well. Google has also released an update that states they will be pushing mobile-responsive websites to the top of the search result page.

It is one of the most important things to do if you want your online uniform store to rank on top of the google search results and eventually boost your sales.

In addition to that, over 80% of customers view retail content from the comfort of their smartphones.

2. Answer the question ‘Who are you?’

As mentioned above, given our attention span which is less than that of a Goldfish, you have extremely little time to show why your customers are on your website and everything else about you and what you provide.

The most important question that your website needs to answer is ‘Who are you?’

If you are a uniform retailer who offers uniforms specifically to the Public Safety department, then it should be evident for the customers as soon as they reach your website.

3. Have a consistent brand message

Consistency is the key when it comes to displaying your brand message throughout your website.

So, make sure that your customer’s shopping experience is consistent and smooth all across your website through your brand messaging.

4. Use popups to capture customer data

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies that has the best Return on Investment (ROI).

In order to be able to leverage email marketing for your online uniform store, you will first require a database of your customers.

To obtain that, you may use popup forms to capture the customer’s email information once they reach your website or before they exit.

5. High-res product images

Nothing attracts a customer more than a high-resolution product image that clearly displays the product from all directions.

Doing so will give the customers a clear idea of how the product will look in real and help them with their buying decision.

You may also add additional features like the functionality to zoom into the product images.


6. Seamless load speed

Ensure that your website and the product pages load within 2 seconds as over 47% of the customers will expect your website to fully load within that time duration.

A slow-loading website will frustrate customers and may also result in risking your potential customers.

7. Machine learning

Most online uniform stores today are utilizing intelligent features like machine learning to provide the best uniform recommendations to their customers.

A recent study found that providing personalized recommendations to buyers will boost conversions by 5 times.

8. Do away with the above-the-fold rule

According to recent research, scrolling of webpages is accepted by a majority of internet users today.

This means you don’t have to stuff all your content above the fold and can arrange them in a neat and smooth slideshow along your home page. This also helps in reducing the bounce rate.

9. Clutter-free menu bar

Most shoppers today know exactly what they are looking for and where to find them. So, it is best to implement a clutter-free menu bar with minimal redirects will be a huge plus.

However, make sure that you have all the important links in your website visible in the menu bar.

10. Use actual product images

Customers today rely more on the actual product images rather than swatches.  

So, make sure you have a clear image of the product that shows its design and colors clearly.  

11. Use CTA

A lot of the shoppers require a bit of persuasion to take the ultimate step.

So, make sure you use call-to-action buttons to persuade your buyers to make the purchase. This also improves your conversions.

12. Identify demographics

Identify your target demographics and market your products accordingly. This significantly improves conversion as opposed to marketing your products to all the demographics.

13. Design your website based on your logo

If you haven’t designed your logo already, you may use tools like Adobe illustrator to quickly do so. There are many tutorials on YouTube and Google to help you with.

Once you have your logo, design your website based on its colors. This will help in brand recall to the customers.

14. Customer reviews

Over 70% of shoppers have agreed that customer reviews help them make a purchase and do so with confidence.

This shows that having customer reviews on your website is important. You may have them on the home or product page.

15. Leverage videos

It is a known fact that people today prefer videos over elaborate content.

So, use videos to effectively promote your products and services. It will also show your products more accurately than images.

Well, here are the 15 tips you can leverage today to boost your online uniform store.

If you feel that a few of these tips cannot be implemented by you, don’t worry, we got you covered.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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