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5 Steps To Promoting Your Online Uniform Store (Abridged)

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Kenneth Deheve April 17, 2020

Want to reach more clients and customers by leveraging online sales and content? Good question. It’s one that’s posed by numerous retailers trying to break into online stores. In fact, a lot of retailers are ditching the brick & mortar store setups more than ever in the era of digital sales. And there’s good reason for it.

As physical stores are forced to stay closed, it’s evident that people will use online stores more and more to cover needs and wants. This past alone saw a 130% jump in online users.

The rest of us who are trying to accomplish both – whether you started as a physical store and have evolved over time to offer online sales, or added a brick & mortar business later on to bolster brand presence and recognition – need to learn how to tie their online promotions and in-store activity together for the most effective outcome. Need the proof? Look below at our abridged steps on how to exactly that.

  • Organize Your Social Media Strategy – Social media is one of the most pervasive communication channels of the 21st So, having a social media presence is important. But you should also be posting daily and be present on the right platforms that make the most sense for your business.
  • Plan Your Email Strategy – Start fleshing out an email marketing strategy. Email marketing is still hugely important for your uniform retail business. Try to establish a habit of sending out emails on a weekly or biweekly basis and map out exactly what your goals are and what you hope to accomplish with an email strategy.
  • Be Smart With Coupons & Discounts – Offer something of value. Define a clear term of use. Set an expiration date. Track your redemptions. Don’t forget… online coupons and discounts can still boost interest in your brand and bring in more paying customers. Don’t discount them yourself!
  • Be Sure To Get Offline – if you have a brick & mortar presence, you need to translate your in-store traffic into more hits for your online store. Have your associates ask customers to sign up for your email newsletter at the checkout. Print coupons with your social media links. Use QR codes. The list goes on.
  • Take Time To Retarget – Re-engage with visitors who have interacted with your site in the past, but didn’t make a purchase. These visitors have explored content pages and may have added items to their cart. Remind them of their almost purchases with email communiques and make sure to be tracking them with cookie monitors. This will help you discover where and when they are dropping or bouncing off your pages.

For more information and a deeper link into each one of these steps, download our full-length e-book, 5 Steps To Promoting Your Online Uniform Store.

Your stores will thank you for it!

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