6 Tips to Make Multistore Management Easy

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Jason September 27, 2022

Managing an online multistore could be extremely difficult. Running stores in parallel is handful and challenging on many levels. Multistore eCommerce ensures such a framework that Uniform providers who run multiple online stores are able to enhance their businesses and reach different markets in different geographies.

Here are 6 tips to make multi-store management easy for uniform providers:

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1. Improve Inventory Management 

While running an online multi-store, the only thing you need to ensure is to have enough inventory with adequate inventory levels for each store.  

Precise inventory control is very important in a multi-store scenario. Without it, stock control risks being unorganized. Therefore, to manage multiple stores you need to have a system that provides quick communication between different stores and manages inventory without any hassle.

2. Ensure Customized Pricing 

Multi-stores have different pricing for each store. This is done as the pricing is guided by the specific market demands and the unique business conditions each store has to deal with. For example, one online store might provide a certain product at a price that is higher than the other online store due to lower demands in one and higher in another.  

There is also a policy of standard pricing. Therefore, it is crucial to have a system in place that allows you to customize your pricing for your customers and adjust them for each store accordingly.  

3. Provide Effective Reporting & Dashboards 

Effective reporting is a critical requirement for a business to know their progress. In multiple stores scenario it is best to have both individual and consolidated reports for the entire business. A reporting system should be in place that provides reports from various individual stores and gives detailed dashboards for easier access, analysis, and better decision-making. 

These dashboards will also help businesses track their sales cycle and invest more in products which are performing well or otherwise. Each store’s sales can be tracked independently and collectively. Therefore, proper multi-store management requires the use of a system that helps coordinate all the sales in the entire operation regardless of where they take place. 

4. Promote Standardization of Operations 

To keep things running within the multi-stores it is necessary to have standard procedures that dictate how employees will work, the kinds of payments the stores will accept, products to be viewed, etc. This will make it easier to keep track of what is happening at each store and whether it is as per the business’ policies or not.  

This kind of standardization would make inventory management easier and help coordinate transfers from one store to another, if needed.  

5. Manage Time with A Master Admin Account 

To manage multi-stores the thing that helps the entire operation is having a master account in place, which is handled by headquarters or master admin. 

There are also sub-master accounts which are handled by specific store managers. By having such a system in place, a lot of time and effort can be saved.

6. Enable Single Content Management System

Communication among all the stores needs to be effective and easy. For instance, when a certain product has to be pulled off the shelves with immediate effect, that information should be available to all stores in real-time.  

Having a proper communication system ensures that all stores are in touch with the teams that manage the entire system.  


questionMulti-store management helps businesses stay relevant in local markets, separate their brands, and simultaneously manage their entire eCommerce ecosystem from the same dashboard.  

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UniformMarket offers a multistore eCommerce platform with headless commerce capabilities, industry-leading hands-on customer support, and 80+ web content management and eCommerce features. International eCommerce brands are leveraging UniformMarket as their multi-store eCommerce solution.  

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