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Shop By Color by UniformMarket


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UniformMarket January 12, 2022

Imagine logging into your favorite shopping portal with a mental note of things you want to buyonly to be ambushed by the hundreds of color variants for all those products that leave you scrolling miles through the pages for the right shade of the right product you need.  
Sounds like a common shopping woe? We have got your back! 
You see we are all about making eCommerce easy and exciting for shoppers. So, when we faced this absolutely annoying situation in our shopping sessions too, we knew we just had to do something for our shoppers. And that’s how we came up with Shop by Color. 

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Let’s start by understanding what is "Shop by Color"? 

Simply put, Shop by Color is a color filtering app that integrates with your eCommerce platform to let shoppers search and buy products of the exact color match they need. 

How does it work?

Shop by Color gives store admins the ability to create a color palette based on the products in the inventory and pin it to the storefront. They can even group similar shades of a particular color into one primary shade for a clutter-free palette. 
Shoppers will simply have to select a particular shade of the products they’re looking for from the palette and click FILTER. This makes our intelligent search algorithms swing into action to pull all products of the chosen color from your inventory to display on the screen.  
That’s it. Easy as it can get. No more scrolling miles of pages. Just select the color you want on the storefront and let Shop by Color work its magic to show you products of that color only. 

How does it help?

Show by Color can make shopping hassle-free for your buyers. Here’s how: 
Saves TimeBuyers won’t have to manually go through all the products to find the color of their choice. 
Easy to Use: Get to feature a customized color palette on top of the product page. Shoppers can select the color they want, and products of the same color will be displayed below. No need to go back and forth between multiple pages.  
Faster Checkouts:  Fetching your customers what they need in a click means lesser time spent in searching which leads to faster checkouts. 

How to get it?

Write to us at support@sellerscommerce.com or call at +1-847-656-5770 and we will enable it on your store.
Or simply fill out the below form, we will get back to you




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