Body Armor Basics: How To Sell Protective Uniforms Online

Posted by Rick Levine on Mar 24, 2017 9:01:00 AM


In uniform marketing, the stakes are rarely higher than when selling body armor. Intended for police officers, security officials, and others who work in potentially deadly conditions, body armor must fit its wearer precisely to be effective. Many uniform marketers thus do not sell it online, reserving it instead for customers who can come in and submit to professional measurement.

As important as precise measurements are, many customers can still obtain their body armor online. Police and security officials often know their measurements and what to look for, especially if they are replacing equipment that was already the right size. As long as your website gives them the necessary information, they should be able to find suitable armor. Through the following tips, you can design a website for effective armor sales.

Highlighting GH

GH Armor Systems has built one of the most effective body armor sites on the market. It provides all of the information that customers need to know if an armor product is right for them, presenting it in the following format for easy comprehension:

  • Description- Ranging in length from one clause to several paragraphs, this section explains to potential customers what they can do with the armor in question. Standard armor products receive the shortest descriptions, while those with unique features or advanced performance receive full paragraphs.
  • Features Breakdown- In bullet points, the firm explains all the key specifications, including pocket size, strap accessories, water resistance, and the materials it is made from. Standard features are clearly delineated from optional ones. For packages that contain multiple different armor products, GH splits this part up into several different subsections, providing bullets for each of the different products.
  • Product Images- On the right side of the page, GH offers images of the armor products it is selling, allowing customers to get a sense of how they will fit with the rest of their uniforms. The website offers images of all the different variations on each product, as well as any bags or optional features they come with. Customers are thus immediately aware of all their armor options.
  • Color Selection- Beneath the product images is a list of all the available colors, a necessary feature given that many security officials have to follow strict dress codes. The website does not currently allow you to see all of the uniforms in these colors. It does, however, show a solid block of each color rather than simply listing the name, giving customers a clearer idea of what it will look like.
  • Threat Assessment- For certain products, GH lists a threat level at the bottom of the page. This lets customers know what situation these uniforms will be useful in.

Although most of the armor’s measurements will be tailored to that of the customer, certain metrics remain constant on all uniforms. This often includes the size and weight of armor plates and pockets, as well as the uniform's weight in pounds per square foot and the thickness in inches. This information is usually listed in the Features section or next to the threat level.

By presenting key facts about the armor in an easily readable format, GH Armor Systems allows customers to quickly assess how they will be able to use each product. As long as they know their measurements, they will have no problem ordering armor online.

GH Armour has also made their catalog of products available on the Sellers Commerce and UniformMarket platform. To see how the products would look if you were to load them on your UniformMarket website for sale, click here.


UniformMarket provides key insights and examples to boost uniform sales in every industry. For more information on selling body armor, designing an effective website, or making your wares accessible to all buyers, visit our website today.


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