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How to connect website to QuickBooks

Connect Your Uniform Website to QuickBooks

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Steven Moreno June 20, 2016

Technology is a wonderful, dare-I-say magical thing; it’s a game changer. It helps us seamlessly get from point A to point B and has woven its way into just about every aspect of our daily routine. Of course, our professional lives are no different. But while you probably use things like Quickbooks to track orders, and process payments, you could be kicking the wonder of that technology up a notch by connecting your uniform website to Quickbooks.

Think of your television. You have one remote to turn it on, one to play your DVD’s and, if you can find it between the seat cushions, a third to access the surround sound. The same mayhem plagues many online uniform businesses, and the disconnect causes more work hours, more frequent mistakes, and, ultimately, more money. Within your company, you want as few processes to support as possible; the more integrated, the more simplified everything becomes (imagine everything for your TV on one master remote)!

Here’s what you need to know to connect your uniform website with Quickbooks:

How the Flow Might Work

When a shopper places an order on your website, the order payment is processed in your Gateway and through your Merchant Account. The order would then show up in your QuickBooks as a new Web Order. You would see all the customer information, the items they ordered, and how they paid. From there, you would process the order however you normally process an order, ordering the items from suppliers, or pulling from your shelves to pack and ship.

Once you ship the order, you update the status of the order in QuickBooks. QuickBooks then automatically sends that updated information to the website so that your customer will get a notification that the order status has been updated, likely to a “Shipped Status”.  The funds show up in your bank account and you can reconcile the balance as usual because the payment has been recorded in QuickBooks for that order.

At UniformMarket, the B2B Retailer Pro platform has an app that does this. If your company uses QuickBooks, this app makes it easy to send the orders from your online store right into QuickBooks. The connection works with either QuickBooks desktop editions or QuickBooks Online. New orders from the website will flow directly into your QuickBooks so you can begin your fulfillment and accounting process right away without needing to manually re-enter everything. When you ship the order and update your QuickBooks, the website will be updated as well.  The app utilizes the T-HUB technology from Atandra, which is updated routinely, so you will always be current with your version of QuickBooks.


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