Creative Deals For Uniform Stores Online

Posted by Marianne Gubista on Jun 2, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Creative Deals For Uniform StoresYour online uniform store can, and should, use deals and promotions to your advantage. Whether that’s to incite some sales or capitalize on a holiday or event, creative promotions can be used to engage potential customers. But it’s not simply about offering a buy-one-get-one discount or a percentage off an item, everyone can do that. It’s about understanding the use of different types of deals and how to use them appropriately.

In this post we’re going to take a look a few common deal structures that you can offer your customers to stimulate sales and discuss some common best practices when creating these promotions for your business, and the customer.

A price reduction by a set amount…

For example, Save $10 on this order!

This type of offer will definitely be enticing for someone who is going through the checkout process. If your uniform business can honor a flat rate off of a single price the promotion could become, Learn about free shipping today! But, you will want to be clear about the fine print of your offer in this case. If you’re offering $10 off, is the offer only valid on purchases of $100 and up? When does the offer expire? These are types of questions your customers are going to be looking for the answers to.

As a business owner you should think about the redemption rate of offers as well. How many of these promotions does it make sense for your business to offer?

A percent reduction by a set amount…

For example, 25% off all hospitality apparel today!

Just like above, you always want to be clear about the restrictions of the offer you’re creating. An example like the one above could be used to insight sales or for seasonal marketing. Think about using this type of promotion in your email marketing campaigns. It could be to highlight a Memorial Day Sale! or even as an incentive for people to take an action like sign up for your newsletter or subscribe to your blog. How about an offer that re-engages old customers that haven’t purchased from your business in a while?

A discount on another product…

For example, Buy one get the next half off on all work boots!

These types of offers are great to move inventory or to simply encourage a sale on complementary products. Also, a great offer to promote a flash sale. This weekend only...

Volume discounts…

For example, Buy four shirts get the fifth free!

These type of discounts are great for those customers of yours that purchase in large quantities and to also incentivize others to make the larger purchase.  

BOGO discounts…

For example, Buy one get one free!

Buy one get one discounts are another way to move additional inventory and typically best used as a BOGO on identical products. An example could be a July 4th sale where corporate apparel is buy one get one one branded polo shirts.

There are variety of different types of deals you can offer your customers but it’s your creativity that is going to get their attention.

For more information just like this, check out UniformMarket’s B2B Retailer Pro platform where you can learn how create custom solutions for uniform businesses.

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