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How A B2B eCommerce Helps Your Employee Uniform Purchase Program

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Avinash Reddy May 18, 2018

As a uniform retailer, one of the greatest masterstrokes you can make is to convince each client to create an employee uniform purchase program. Such a program leads to a steady stream of orders and revenues, all while making your clients’ lives easier and giving them more incentive to stick with you. But that doesn’t mean managing a purchase program is easy. With so many orders coming from a wide range of individuals, it’s easy to get bogged down with the details of each request. But if you combine the program with an online B2B platform, you will have no trouble keeping track of both.

The Benefits of a B2B Platform

A B2B platform provides a host of advantages for uniform purchase programs. As an online store where your clients can view and buy all types of gear, such a platform allows employees to consider their options, choose a uniform, and order it with ease. When employees do this, you’ll have no trouble managing their orders, thanks to:

  • Online Customization Tools- The need for customized uniforms is one of the greatest sources of headaches in an employee purchasing program. Keeping track of each employee’s requested features is no easy task, and if you make a mistake, the employee could end up returning what they bought. But with a B2B platform, employees can select the customized features they want; the website will then make the necessary changes and ship the uniform directly. As a result, you won’t have to keep track of anything, and you can be confident that everyone will get exactly what they desire.
  • Payment Processing Gateways- Not only do employee purchase programs require you to remember customized features, but they also mean you must accommodate employees’ preferred payment methods. Some employees will want to pay by card, others will use bank or payroll transfers, and still others will prefer mailing a check. With an online B2B platform, you can set up payment gateways that accept all these payments. There’s no need for you to keep track of how each employee is paying, and thus no risk that you’ll mix up their financial information and compromise the order.
  • Full Product Views- Employees can only take advantage of a uniform purchasing program if they know all the products you have in stock. But if they don’t live near your store and can’t take the time off to travel there, it can be hard for them to figure out what those products are. If you have an online B2B platform, however, they can just visit it and review all your gear digitally. They’ll thus never be in the dark about what you have to offer.

For more information on the benefits of uniform purchase programs and E-Commerce sites, contact Uniform Market today.

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