How Sales Reps Can Use Group Builder To Launch a Store In 5 Steps

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Andrew Macaluso August 22, 2019

What is Group Builder?

In today’s online-heavy research and marketing world, technology remains crucial to the sales process and its success. Staying relevant and timely requires even the most savvy sales representatives to switch up their sales focus and embrace new ideas in the aspects of selling.

UniformMarket’s Group Builder platform was designed to get more customers online faster and allow websites to be launched in minutes by maintaining brand experience across all stores with one-click approval, making the setup process easier for sales representatives to showcase to potential customers.

Due to its simplicity, Group Builder makes everything easy. Intuitive steps make it easy for clients to understand without needing further assistance.

What Issues Will Group Builder Solve?

Group Builder turns the most time-consuming process into an effortless and memorable instruction to your company.

From start to finish, sales agents will own the entire process of setting up client accounts through a progressive form while the simplicity will encourage the client's total involvement.

Instead of waiting weeks, this process can be completed in minutes. The automated process for approval and completion allows clients to access their accounts immediately once they’ve been approved, eliminating the waiting process for both the sales representatives and clients.

Due to intuitive steps, clients will also be able to understand the entire process without assistance, and previews at regular intervals let you go through any choices that were made.

5 Steps Involved in Launching a Group Store Using Group Builder:

Contact Info

To begin, you will first have to enter the basic information to kick-off the process (name, address, company name, city, etc) and upload a company logo for the account to add a personal touch.


FAQs ensure that customers are well equipped for the process.

Before building a site, customers will get a simple checklist for account creation you will need to enter in order to efficiently build your custom website.


How many departments will be on this site and what will their names be? If you plan on having custom embroidery, you will need to know which department will receive it.

Embroidery & Personalization

In order to have custom embroidery and personalization done, know which garments you plan on having received embroidery and logo(s) you plan on using.

Having this known beforehand will make for a smoother process.


Your website is not limited to only one tender type, but payment options may vary from employee to employee. After the site is built, our Digital Account Specialist will show you how to change your payment programs.


Choose which products you wish to have customized. Whether it’s a lab coat or scrubs top, you will be able to have virtually any clothing item customized to the needs of your department. To make it easier when deciding on which products to choose for each department, have a copy of the appearance policy (if applicable) for your facility on-hand.


A logo is an integral part of your company’s brand, having a significant impact on the public’s perception of your company. In fact, a logo is one of the most important branding investments that a business can make. Upload yours with a certain file to have it strategically placed on any or all of your products.

Department Setup

Your custom website will be organized by department, and the most commonly used Departments are provided by default. Customers can create up to three custom departments.

For example: If you work in a hospital, it’s important to know which department(s) you need in order to be able to select the proper products for your company and employees.

  • Color Selection: Depending on your department, color options may vary. If you happen to work in urgent care, perhaps you need medical scrubs that are green or blue while those working in the nursing station strictly need a specific color of blue, such as navy or sky blue. Whichever color(s) you need, you will be able to choose from.
  • Choose Embroidery Personalization: After choosing your department(s), you will have the option to select yes or no on both embroidery and personalization options. By selecting “Yes” for embroidery, multiple options will pop up for you to choose from in order to have your embroidery customized to your liking. The same can be said for the personalization section. If you select “Yes” for personalization, multiple options will also pop up for you to choose from.
  • Production Selection: Once you’ve chosen your department, color selection and embroidery personalization, you will then get to choose the brand of product, the product itself, color, category and gender.

Payment Method Selection

You may choose 3 payment options: Allowance, deduction via payroll, and credit card.

  • Allowance (also known as a Voucher) - Employees will be gifted with a certain amount to use on your site. This is typically given out to new hires and exceptional employees. Allowance eligibility and limit is based on your credit application.
  • Credit Card - You and your employees will be able to make purchases via credit card, the most common payment options. Credit card payment options are in immediate form of payment and all purchasers will receive a confirmation email as a receipt. Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are all acceptable forms of payment. No credit application is required.

Once you’ve filled out all of the proper information, a review page will be waiting for you to confirm the choices you made.

If you’re a sales rep and looking for a simple process to complete your clients uniform store(s) and save yourself time, Group Builder is the platform for you.

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