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importance of remarketing

Remarketing Results: The Art & Importance Of Bringing Customers Back

8 min read
Sellers Commerce August 10, 2018

What’s the best way to predict future behavior? Say it with me: past behavior! If someone made a decision in the past, they’re a lot more likely to make the same decision in the future. This principle is particularly important in uniform marketing, where it’s critical to focus your resources on the potential clients who are most likely to make a purchase. Remarketing is the art of convincing past clients to come back for more. Through the following remarketing strategies, you can boost sales of all your gear at minimal cost and effort:

Consider Conversion Data

As a uniform marketer, you’ve likely already adopted conversion tracking to see how your clients arrive at the decision to purchase. When trying to get past customers to come back for more, it’s a good idea to look over conversion data from their first purchase. Try to get a sense of the original mix of content that brought them in. Did they start by reading a short blog post, then watched a video, then downloaded an eBook, and finally bought some of your gear? If so, you may be able to bring them back with similar content, though be careful to make that new content different enough that you don’t seem repetitive.

Work with Complementary Wares

Clients aren’t likely to buy the same product a second time, at least not in the short term. But what might interest them is buying a second product that complements the first. For example, perhaps one of your clients bought a set of uniforms designed to protect employees from sunburns. Such a client would likely also be interested in sunglasses, hats, and other items that protect other parts of their employees’ bodies from the sun. By advertising those kinds of items to such clients, you have a better chance of offering them something they can truly use.

Encourage Expansion

In some cases, clients will buy a few of your uniforms to try them out, with the possibility of purchasing more if they like what they see. You should thus offer them incentives to buy more. One easy way to do this is by providing bulk discounts. Perhaps your company already offers them, in which case you should emphasize them when marketing to this client; if not, you could make the client a special offer. Alternatively or in addition, consider throwing in other complementary gear if the client purchases one of your wares in large numbers.

Don’t Overdo It

While you can get former customers to come back by targeting marketing materials at them, be careful not to pester them. Send them too many promotions too frequently and you’ll end up alienating them. Instead, limit the number of ads, emails, and content you send them per month, finding a level where you can hold their attention without getting on their nerves.

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