MailChimp Marvels: How An Email Marketing Platform Can Enhance Your Online Store

Posted by Rick Levine on Mar 30, 2017 10:06:02 AM


With the advent of Facebook ads, Twitter marketing, and search engine optimization, it is important not to lose sight of traditional digital marketing strategies. Though hardly the newest method, email marketing remains a powerful tool for connecting with customers, in large part because emails feel more personal than ads or promotional content. MailChimp simplifies the email marketing process, allowing you to coordinate influential messaging campaigns with your online store, social media, and other platforms. Through the following steps, you can integrate this platform with your website and take full advantage of its features:

Making Use of MailChimp

Setting up MailChimp for your website is a simple process. If you use a UniformMarket eCommerce store, you need only select the admin section of the site and choose to integrate a new platform. You can then enter the credentials from your MailChimp account, and your website will be connected instantly. Once the two accounts are integrated, you will be able to log onto MailChimp directly from the site’s admin section, allowing you to switch between platforms with ease.

After you have linked your MailChimp account with your online store, the next step is to allow customers to take advantage of it. The easiest way to do this is to place a sign up form on your website, preferably in the contact section or another location that interested consumers will visit. You may also want to link to the form from popular pieces of content.

In addition to letting customers sign up for your mailing list on your own, you can also use information that you have already accumulated to send them messages. MailChimp allows you to upload lists directly from your website, including customer contact lists that you gathered from past campaigns. You should be careful, of course, about sending messages to customers who did not directly sign up for a mailing list, but MailChimp makes it fairly easy to control how many messages you spend to specific groups of buyers.

MailChimp Merits

MailChimp offers a myriad of features that uniform marketers will find valuable, including:

  • Astute Automation- The platform’s workflows allow you to set the parameters for mass mail campaigns, creating messages that will appeal to large numbers of clients while still seeming highly personalized. This will save you from having to type up each message individually and thus leave your team free to focus on more creative tasks.
  • Facebook Features- The most successful marketing campaigns are those that leverage multiple different types of media, which is why MailChimp also provides a Facebook advertising feature. With this platform, you will have little trouble coordinating your mail and social media campaigns, appealing to customers in every direction while sending a consistent message.
  • Fashion Flexibility- MailChimp provides a variety of style and layout options for your messages and ads. This makes it easy to optimize a marketing campaign for your products, your clients, and the broader marketplace. The platform also integrates with Twitter, Google, Eventbrite, WordPress, and other apps and media.
  • Metrics & Measurements- MailChimp offers regular, in-depth updates on the results of your email campaigns. These updates include not only the amount of money you have generated, but also how well and in what ways you are connecting with clients. You will thus have all the information you need to build on past growth and enhance an expanding campaign.

UniformMarket strives to aid all of our customers in their quest to market gear more effectively. For more information on MailChimp, email marketing, and other ecommerce options, visit our website today.


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