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5 Must-Haves for Retailers & Distributors to Succeed with Uniform Programs

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Jason May 3, 2022

Uniform programs are by far the most effective way for companies to ensure consistent branding, boost employee safety and drive team morale. According to a study by Red Kap & Tower Watson, 19.2% of companies reported higher employee engagement due to a uniform program. 
Since uniform programs are designed to outfit a large number of employees, they often come with stringent design rules & buying guidelines. At a time when businesses are looking for customizable, unified, 360-degree online uniform ordering solutions, it’s important for uniform distributors and retailers as well to transition to technologically advanced enterprise eCommerce platforms that can handle the complex needs of uniform programs.  
So, whether you’re already managing uniform programs or looking to get started to grow your revenue, here are 5 must-haves for your eCommerce platform to efficiently run & manage enterprise employee apparel programs.    
1. Grouping & Buying Rules: In large organizations, uniform mandates vary from department to department. Not every employee will require the same uniform items. In order to ensure they only see uniforms relevant to their job functions when they log in and experience a highly-personalized uniform ordering experience on the portal, employees with similar uniform needs are grouped together and mapped to their respective job IDs.  
For instance, an airline crew member shouldn’t have access to pilot uniforms on the portal and vice versa. Similarly, companies even have limitations on the number of uniforms an employee can order in a given fiscal year. Unless such rules are baked into the eCommerce platform hosting those uniform programs, it can give rise to countless discrepancies that may even compromise the business outlook.  
Admins responsible for maintaining employee uniform portals should be able to group employees & products easily while being mindful of the purchasing rules too. So, if you’re serving uniforms to enterprises with diverse uniform requirements, make sure your eCommerce portal supports grouping for a seamless experience from start to end. 
2. Payment Flexibility: Personalizing the uniform ordering experience of employees doesn’t end at showing the products they need. It also has a lot to do with how easily they can place their orders and check out. A recent study revealed that the average checkout abandonment rate is around 70%, which means 7 out of 10 buyers do not even complete their transaction. Of all the other factors that affect conversion, limited payout options is the main reason.  
For uniform distributors and retailers serving large corporations with strict uniform guidelines and employee count running in thousands, it’s imperative that the employee purchasing portal is able to handle multiple payment integrations. Besides the usual option of using credit/debit cards, to create a stellar uniform program, the platform should be customizable to incorporate organization-specific uniform purchasing options like allowance, payroll deduction, gift cards, and quotas. This way, by letting employees order using their preferred payment modes, uniform distributors can significantly reduce cart abandonment and increase sales. 
Therefore, eCommerce platforms built to handle the needs of uniform programs should be considered to efficiently run & manage B2B employee apparel stores. 
3. Shipping Customization: For organizations with employees scattered in different parts of the country, shipping groups are used to control uniform misuse in the following ways: 

- Tying Uniforms to Locations- Clients that operate in multiple parts of the country or in multiple countries may need uniforms suited for different climates. With location restrictions, they can prevent employees at a site with one climate from ordering uniforms tied to another climate. This helps to ensure that the client does not spend more than necessary on any one type of uniform, increasing the efficiency of their spending. 
- Capping Uniforms Per Location- Besides preventing certain types of uniforms from being sent to certain locations, clients can use these restrictions to control the total amount of gear delivered to each site. This arrangement works best for companies that are unable to predict individual employees’ uniform needs, but know the total amount of gear that they will need for each location every month or year. 
- Controlling Accessories- Some organizations have a baseline uniform that all employees wear, but then order additional gear to serve particular functions. If the requisite gear varies from location to location, it may make sense to restrict what type of gear employees can order depending on where they work. 

Order Approval Management: This enables businesses to set order approvers for employees to ensure they are not ordering beyond permissible limits or buying the wrong uniforms. The store backend provides admins the ability to assign a particular approver/manager for a group of employees.
Any orders coming from that group will be passed on to the respective manager for review before it gets shipped. Managers have the power to disapprove of any order if they sense a discrepancy in any form whatsoever. Enterprise uniform program solutions by UniformMarket even allow order managers to buy on behalf of their team members. 

5. Integration: Compatible eCommerce platforms that easily integrate with ERP systems, accounting tools, HRMS and other backend applications used by businesses are clearly preferred over uniform programs running on generic eCommerce platforms solutions.  

For any business, lowering migration and training time for employees are key considerations when choosing a new uniform vendor. Thus, having an eCommerce platform that is readymade for enterprise uniform programs, seamlessly integrates with the organizational software to exchange data, ensures complete security, and delight employees with a flawless uniform buying experience will only tilt the needle in their favor. 

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