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5 Ways to Make Your Online Uniform Store New Again

8 min read
Uniform Market April 4, 2016

Perhaps your online store isn't converting visitors into sales as well as desired, or maybe your customers aren't returning to buy again. In either case, the design and interface of your web store could be the culprits behind the underperformance. Here are five ways that you can improve your online store and make it new again.

1. Make It Responsive

The tenets of responsive web design are easy reading and navigation for the user, with little to no need for resizing, scrolling, panning, or searching around haplessly for different links or pages. As you might expect, the need for responsive design elements across your entire site is a direct response to the increase in mobile browsing and shopping. Responsive sites do better in Google rankings and improve the user shopping experience, all by providing a site that responds naturally to the screen size of the device(s) that visitors are using.

2. Update the Look and Branding

Updating the look and atmosphere of your online store is a good way to ensure that the user experience consistently feels new and fresh. Just make sure that any changes you make—be they color, typeface, or images—are in line with your company's brand image.

3. Improve the Checkout Process

The easier and more fluid your checkout process, the more likely shoppers are to hit "buy." Make it easy for your users to checkout without having to click through too many windows or enter too much personal information. Simplifying the checkout process can also mean showing all fees (including taxes, shipping costs, etc.) upfront, providing precise delivery estimates, and more.

4. Create Custom Categories

Exploring a large uniform store can be daunting, especially for first-time shoppers. Creating custom categories is an easy and helpful way to steer customers toward what they might be interested in purchasing. If you have a physical retail location, think about how you display uniforms at the store, or about how you recommend different items to shoppers. You might have a "best sellers" display that you can mimic with a custom category on your site, or be able to parlay your most frequent recommendations into another custom category. These categories help to provide a curated experience and give customers the feeling that they are buying from an expert.

5. Think About Other Ways to Improve the Shopping Experience

Analyze your site from the perspective of a customer and try to think of ways that you can improve the shopping experience. For instance, can you make it easier for customers to sort uniforms by industry type, uniform type, and other criteria so that they can easily and quickly find what they need? Or can you add a one-click option for shoppers to add items to their cart while they are browsing your store? Any ideas that streamline the shopping experience will be beneficial to your bottom line.

When it comes to physical retail locations, customers tend to spend more time and buy more items from stores that provide a pleasant, positive shopping experience. The same goes for online stores. By using the ideas presented above, you can provide the kind of web store that shoppers love.

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