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Marketing plan for uniform stores

Build a Better Plan for Marketing Your Website

8 min read
Steven Moreno May 16, 2016

You may have the best quality uniforms to match any type of business available to purchase on your website, but no one is buying them. Why? In this post we’ll discuss some simple ways to market your uniform website and reach your ideal customer.

Collect Some Information About Your Customers

Making use of forms on your website is a great way to capture potential uniform buyers’ information. Offering your website visitors something of value like free shipping on their order or a discount on their next purchase in exchange for their name and email can give you some insight to the kind of people who are interested in your business. Plus, you can use this information  to market your products and latest offers to them later. Click here to see an example of a photo contest that Mountain Uniforms is hosting.

In creating a form, it is best to ask for the basic necessities like first name, last name, and email. The less information that is required from your potential customers, the better chance they have of submitting the form. However, if you are giving them something of great value, like a uniform sample or discount on their next purchase, you can get away with asking for more information  like the person’s business name, title, address, phone number, etc.

Use That List to Communicate with Your Customers

Using an email marketing software like MailChimp or Constant Contact (with an automation feature) is a great way to manage your contacts and continue the conversation with them about your business. Sending them an offer as a thank you for signing up may increase their loyalty and keep your brand top of mind throughout their search for a uniform provider .

Try including an email “opt-in” checkbox notifying customers that they will receive special news and offers when marked during the online purchasing process. This is another way to collect customer information and also build your database so you can keep them engaged and in-the-know with the latest updates and promotion from your uniform business.

Once they sign-up via  your form or purchase a product, an email automation feature is used as a way to follow up immediately. It works by creating a message beforehand and when the form is submitted, an email is  triggered, sending your message that’s tailored specifically to them. For example, when they buy a certain type of uniform, they are automatically sent a message that thanks them for their purchase with a discount code for their next online buy.

Watching your customers’ buying habits like what they’ve bought, how often they buy, and what kinds of uniforms they are purchasing is invaluable information that helps you retain those customers through your remarketing efforts.

You’ve Got Your Contact Information, Now What Do You Say?

Promoting your business is all about content, content, content. Sending email newsletters, writing blog posts, sharing press releases, and being active on social media networks are all ways to build your brand and increase the potential for sales. Anything that you can share that helps educate your customers about your uniform products and services and makes it easier to give them what they are looking for assists in the establishment of trust, respect, and loyalty to your business. Through all of the content you are releasing, remember to drive customers back to your website so they can find their way into your online store and complete a sale.

Make Sure Your Website Is Up-To-Date

Since you are creating all of this content that sends people back to your website, make sure that your website and its information is up-to-date. To further secure your brand reputation online and in the marketplace, your phone number, address, hours of operation, and contact information all need to be current and accurate. This is your last chance to convince people why they need your product.

Best marketing practices also suggests publishing your business on Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor or other third party websites that could drive web visitors back into your own and make sure that all of your most recent information is available on those sites as well. Keep it easy for your customers so that they reaffirm that trust in your brand and don’t go looking at your competitors!

These are a few quick and easy ways to boost your online uniform business. If you have had success with any of these techniques, feel free to leave a comment!

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