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Catalog Communication Manager

Power Your Uniform Business with Automatic Catalog Management

8 min read
Jason May 3, 2022

Here’s how UniformMarket’s new Catalog Manager is helping 1500+ online uniform retailers keep their product catalogs up-to-date in a few clicks and save hours of manual effort. 
Product catalogs are crucial marketing collaterals containing detailed product information that is used by businesses to help consumers make informed buying decisions. But managing them online can be a herculean task as they need to be continuously updated with the latest product information. Be it a new product release, discontinued SKUs, or revised pricing, unless they’re updated in the catalogs, the buyers won’t know about it.  
At a time when digital adoption is at its peak and customers are relying on authentic, up-to-date product information at all times to make buying decisions, using manual catalog management methods can severely impact business outcomes. 
Reimagine catalog management with Catalog Manager 
In a bid to empower the 1500+ uniform retailers using UniformMarket solutions to grow their business online, we came up with Catalog Manager
It’s an automatic catalog sourcing software that disseminates cleaned, updated supplier catalogs from 130+ top uniform suppliers to the retailer’s website, regardless of their eCommerce platform, in a click. 
Uniform retailers can simply subscribe to the suppliers of their choice, and every time they release an update, the updated catalogs will be automatically pushed to their online stores. This helps save time as they will no longer have to reach out to individual suppliers,  collate product updates, and then have the sales team compile all the data into a compatible format that can be uploaded through the store backend. 
Catalog Manager replaces all the hassles of online catalog management with a simple click so uniform retailers can really focus on selling more & meeting their revenue goals. 

Get started with Catalog Manager in 4 simple steps 
Automating catalog management for your online uniform business using Catalog Manager is just as easy as it sounds. Here’s how to do it. 
1. Select & Subscribe: Log in to Catalog Manager using your credentials featuring 130+ uniform supplier catalogs ranging from medical, industrial FR, public safety,  corporate and more. Select the ones you want to sell in your store to start with. 

2. Choose Import Method: You can either choose to download the updated catalogs in CSV/XML/Open API formats or insert your FTP details to receive them there.

3. Map Catalog Details: Map product details with their respective fields on your eCommerce store to ensure data accuracy. For instance, “Product Name” in the catalog may mean “Item Name” on the storefront. Map them right to sync product data correctly.

4. Review & Publish: Depending upon your subscription, Catalog Manager will push updated catalogs to the store backend as and when there are updates from the supplier. Review them in your store backend and hit publish.

Technology that’s tailor-made for uniform retailers 
The benefits of using Catalog Manager are multifold. Here are some of the major ones to start using for your uniform business today: 
1. Platform Agnostic: The best thing about Catalog Manager is that it works seamlessly with most eCommerce platforms including Shopify, Volusion, BigCommerce & WooCommerce. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re not on UniformMarket. You can still subscribe to our wide range of supplier catalogs and start selling immediately. 
2. eCommerce Ready Feeds: Our dedicated data management closely works with all uniform suppliers to collate product data into eCommerce compatible catalogs that can be directly imported to your online store. 
3. 130+ Supplier Catalogs Across Verticals: Catalog Manager is literally the one-stop solution for all catalog needs because retailers can subscribe to catalogs ranging from medical, industrial FR, public safety,  corporate wear, and more. 
4. Save Time & Money: Uniform retailers can directly start selling without having to spend time acquiring catalogs from suppliers and then tediously clean them all. 
5. Improved Customer Experience: Automating catalog management using Catalog Manager helps provide clear,  consistent product information to customers on your online store at all times, thereby improving their overall brand experience.   
Enabling eCommerce success with powerful features 
1. Avail Dropship Integrations: Save up on heavy upfront inventory costs by choosing to fulfill orders via drop ship from select suppliers.  
2. Get Real-time Inventory Updates: Prevent backorders from your customers and manage stockouts better with real-time supplier inventory updates. 
3. Unsubscribe Anytime: Catalog Manager gives retailers the ability to unsubscribe anytime if they do not wish to continue selling a supplier’s products on their online store. 

Get on the growth path today! 
Start using Catalog Manager today to effectively manage product data on your online store, import updated catalogs on your store and increase your online sales. 
To know more, visit https://www.uniformmarket.com/catalog-manager  

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