Problem Solving Prudence: Selling Uniforms By Addressing Issues In Your Customers' Lives

Posted by Sellers Commerce on Jul 3, 2018 8:53:52 AM

If there’s one rule for successful sales, it’s this: customers buy solutions, not products. Selling involves convincing customers that you can solve a real problem they have, and not that your product is advanced, efficient, or interesting in its own right. Thus as a uniform company, you need to identify serious issues that your customers are dealing with and present your gear as a solution to those issues. The better you are at solving their problems, the more likely it is that they will see your uniforms as a valuable investment in their business, making them willing to pay any price.

Persistent Problems with Uniform Solutions

Uniforms offer solutions to a host of different problems, depending on what business uses them and where they are located. These include:

  • Confused Customers- Many businesses face a simple but intractable issue on a daily basis: customer confusion. Customers may enter their premises hoping to buy a product or purchase a service, only to find that they can’t tell the difference between employees and fellow customers. Ask your clients how much money they lose each year form having customers get confused and give up. Then present your uniforms as a simple way to distinguish employees from patrons.
  • Extreme Temperatures- If you sell uniforms for construction companies and other clients who have to do business outside, one of the most common problems they face will be related to the weather. If it gets too hot, their employees won’t work as quickly, and could even be at risk of heat stroke. Likewise, if it becomes excessively cold, workers will have trouble moving their fingers, staying comfortable, and protecting themselves from hypothermia and frostbite. If you sell uniforms tailored to hot or cold climates, you can significantly reduce these risks, allowing your clients to do business in any weather.
  • Low Visibility- One of the most common problems in large worksites is simply keeping track of where everyone is. The less visible a company’s employees are, the harder it is to keep them out of danger and make sure that they are being productive. Uniforms that are bright in color or sport reflective strips are easy to keep track of, so that managers will know the location of their employees at all times.
  • Safety Issues- Although some workplaces are more hazardous than others, all have to deal with safety issues to some degree. Employee injuries are among the most serious problems a company can face, as that company will have to worry about losing productivity, paying workers’ compensation, and seeing their reputations decline. Uniforms and gear can solve a whole host of safety issues in the workplace. From protecting workers’ eyes to providing a place to attach safety lines to reducing the risks of slips and trips, the right outfits are the perfect solution to workplace hazards.

Here at UniformMarket powered by Sellers Commerce, we provide you with tools such as B2B Program Manager and Retailer Pro, which can connect you with the products and data you need for your employees or business. Whether you are a uniform retailer or an energy company needing to fit your employees with new uniforms and gear, we have the tools and services for you.  Contact us for a demo today!

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