Seasonal Savvy: The Importance of Grouping Uniforms By Season

Posted by Rick Levine on Dec 28, 2017 10:45:58 AM


Successful uniform marketing isn’t just about showcasing your gear to potential customers. It also involves demonstrating exactly how customers can use that gear effectively, so they never miss an opportunity to enhance their operations with your products. To do this, you must identify all the distinct ways in which your gear might benefit them, and call attention to each of them in your marketing materials. One of the greatest but most frequently overlooked benefits that clients can get from their gear is the ability to prepare for seasonal weather patterns. Thus when grouping your products for clients’ private online stores, make sure to include seasons as a category.

The Benefits of Seasonal Grouping

Seasonal changes in weather and temperature have a powerful impact on employees’ ability to do their jobs, especially if they work in:

  • Construction- Construction workers frequently need to operate outdoors, meaning they are exposed directly to winter cold, summer heat, and other weather extremes. Protecting them from this weather isn’t just a matter of keeping them comfortable and productive. The better their uniforms are suited to the climate, the less distracted they’ll be from their jobs, making it easier for them to work safely and avoid serious injury.
  • Warehousing- Warehouses and other storage facilities can be a challenge to keep warm in the summer or cool in the winter, as heat and AC take longer to spread throughout such buildings. Warehouse workers thus need uniforms that will protect them from extremes in temperature while they work. As with construction, this not only makes them more productive, but helps them to work more safely.
  • Fishing & Boating- If you operate commercial fishing, touring, or other waterborne vessels, your employees will regularly be exposed not only to changes in temperature and precipitation, but also to extended time in the sun at varying levels of intensity. Your uniforms must thus protect their eyes and skin from solar damage, along with any other extremes in weather.

The simplest way to group your gear by season is to divide it into “winter,” “spring,” “summer,” and “fall” sections. Depending on where your clients operate, however, they might not get all four seasons, so you may want to divide them into other categories, such as “hot” and “cool” or “stormy” and “mild.” The closer your groups match clients’ experiences, the easier it will be for them to use the site.

Once you’ve identified the different seasons that your clients experience and divided your gear up accordingly, you should offer clients information on how, specifically, those items will prepare them. For your summer page, for example, indicate which items protect clients’ skin from sun exposure, which ones protect their eyes, and which ones are designed to keep them cool in hot conditions. In this way, you allow clients to quickly select the exact items they need for a safe workplace.


For more information on seasonal groupings and other tips for your uniform website, contact UniformMarket today.


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