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Top 5 Challenges with Multistore eCommerce and How to Overcome Them

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Jason October 25, 2022

Multistore eCommerce is the essence of any B2B eCommerce. Without multistore there is no customization for the uniform industry customers or any B2B customers. It is seen that Uniform providers believe in multi-store eCommerce to: 

  1. Provide a customized buying experience for their customers 
  2. Penetrate into new markets

The above points prove that a multi-store eCommerce platform is a key to international growth. But there are some challenges which keep the uniform providers a little puzzled. These challenges are unavoidable; however, they are manageable through a seamless, real-time, 360-degree integrated uniform management system. 

Here are the top 5 challenges and how you could overcome them


5 challenges with multistore ecommerce infographic


1. Lack of visibility across multiple stores 

A multistore has multiple inventories, customers and employee databases. Each store has its own order management system. Logging in into each portal to track progress and managing it separately does not provide a clear picture of all business activities. It is almost impossible to manage the stores, keep them updated and consistent throughout. Data management is a major roadblock when using different portals for online stores.  

With UniformMarket, data management is easy by having a single dashboard with a single admin to control, monitor and manage all the business activities across the multi stores. It also provides real-time reports and analysis both on admin level and sub store level to get insights and helps drive product related decisions.

2. De-coupled content management system  

To run more than 2-3 multi stores with the same or similar products, one should ensure that the messaging around those products needs to be consistent across all the stores and portals such as- laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

Consistent brand messaging provides the customers with comprehensive details of the product and also helps maintain a product image among the buyers and their peers.  

Through UniformMarket’s CMS you could just change the features in the back end of the main admin account and it would reflect across all the multi stores. It means that the back end and front end are coupled and work as a single function impeccably.   

3. Lack of Business Connectivity (Seamless integration)   

When a seller operates multiple stores, the challenges of integrating these systems can also increase. For a multistore to function smoothly, integrating the systems is very important. Starting from inventory to the payment process, all the systems should be able to connect with each other. It does not stop there- ERP, HRMS, POS, etc., are all crucial for seamless business connectivity. 

With UniformMarket all your multi-stores systems (ERP, HRMS, Inventory etc.) would be seamlessly integrated. Your multi-stores would be able to communicate amongst each other. It would provide you with end-to-end visibility of key business data 

4. Complex Order Management  

- Inventory management is important for multi-stores to manage inventory and warehouse seamlessly properly. When orders are placed in bulk, often some of the products go as backorders if they are not available. Also, lack of a robust inventory management system would put hurdles while managing and monitoring the SKUs

UniformMarket helps you manage your inventory with a real-time inventory management system where you can allot SKUs on a priority basis and monitor backorders. It also seamlessly integrates with your ERP and warehouse management system; you can access all your data through a single source. 

-Multi-stores have different prices for similar products, as each store caters to a different set of audience or to a whole new market altogether. These prices are curated keeping in mind the demand for the product or are customized according to the buyer. Similarly, there are a number of different payment methods found in the market, but which region, product or customer requires which payment method needs to be identified. It is important to have a management system that provides all the pricing and payments customizations and which can integrate with all the other systems too (ERP, Inventory, POS etc.).

With UniformMarket, you can monitor and manage payments and prices on both the admin and sub-admin levels. Managing payments through a robust 360-degree integrated management system. This adds to order fulfillment and gives the buyer a stellar buying experience.

5. Restricted Customer Experience  

For new businesses to grow, setting up multiple stores to penetrate into different markets is a must. These multi-stores help new businesses to explore opportunities and increase their market size. Without a management system, it is difficult to scale and create multiple stores with specific customizations which would cater to a specific region.   

With UniformMarket, you can create any number of stores and customize each one of them according to your customers’ needs. It is both scalable and flexible and would help you increase your presence in new regions. You could monitor each and every product and process it accordingly to increase your sales.  

Hop on the Multistore bandwagon with UniformMarket 

UniformMarket offers a multistore eCommerce platform with headless commerce capabilities, industry-leading hands-on customer support, and 80+ web content management and eCommerce features. International eCommerce brands are leveraging UniformMarket as their multi-store eCommerce solution.  

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