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Industrial workwear manufacturers

Top Industrial Workwear Manufacturers in United States

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Jason August 26, 2022

Industrial workwear not only adds to one's brand value but also keeps workers safe. At the same time, it should be both comfortable and protective for the job. It is a statement of discipline that fosters teamwork and raises employee morale. 

People working in the Construction industries, Fire safety, Electrical, Manufacturing, Drilling & Gas industries require to wear such uniforms, as they are exposed to heat and rough environments.  

So, industrial workwear has a high demand, especially from employees from industries and workers from factories. 

If you are a uniform retailer and curious to know about the top Industrial uniform manufacturers in the US, to start selling from your platform, we have curated a list for you. Read on: (Note: Not ranked in order of preference) 

questionDid you know?

The global workwear market was valued at USD 31.56 Billion in 2021 and is expected to hit USD 42.09 Billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 5.8%.
(Source- Grand View Research)

In a rush? Take a sneak peek at the top industrial uniform manufacturers: 

  1. Berne Workwear
  2. Red Kap
  3. Lapco FR
  4. Portwest
  5. Carhartt
  6. Rasco
  7. Big Bill
  8. Dickies

Top Industrial Uniform Manufacturers Catalog in United States

1. Berne Workwear Berne logo

Originally known as the Berne Overall & Shirt Company, BERNE® Workwear was founded in the small Swiss community of Berne, Indiana. Berne Apparel is a privately held manufacturer and distributor of quality work and outdoor clothing for men & women.

Berne has now expanded into many new product lines including camo and concealed carry.

Berne Workwear Contact Details:

Founded: 1915
Speciality: Industrial workwear 
Headquarter: 2501 E 850 N, Ossian, IN 46777, United States
Contact: +1 888-772-3763

Berne has partnered with UniformMarket to provide its retailer subscribers with the latest catalogs having both real-time inventory updates as well as dropship functionality. 

Berne Apparel Product Catalog

  1. Berne Apparel Product Catalog

2. Red Kap Red_Kap_logo

Red Kap, is one of the most prominent industrial workwear brands in the world. They initially started with a bib overall in 1923 and slowly expanded their catalog with a line of premium workwear. 
By 1960, Red Kap has cemented its position as a major player in the workwear industry. Today, they provide high-quality and durable workwear for automotive, transportation, food & culinary, landscaping, manufacturing, maintenance, specialty trade, construction, waste management, food processing, housekeeping, and also healthcare. 

Rep Kap Contact Details:

Founded: 1923
Speciality: Industrial clothing 
Mailing address: 545 Marriott Dr., Ste. 200, Nashville, TN 37214, US  
Contact: Main:1-866-335-1184

Red Kap has partnered with UniformMarket to provide its retailer subscribers with the latest catalogs having both real-time inventory updates as well as dropship functionality 

Rep Kap Product Catalog

  1. Rep Kap Product Catalog

3. Lapco FR Lapco FR logo

Lapco FR is one of the renowned uniform manufacturers for oil and gas refineries, electricity and utility, petrochemical, and many other industries. 
Lapco’s workwear is all about purpose, safety, reliability, and customization. Its uniform distributors get an advantage of smooth customer service and inventory acquisition through a simple and customized process. 
Lapco currently provides Flame Resistant (FR) clothing for men and women, and also non-FR clothing and other essential gear for the industrial sector. 

Lapco FR Contact Details

Founded: 1989 
Speciality: FR industrial workwear
Headquarter: 98 Glenwood Street Morgan City, LA 70380
Contact: (985) 385-5380

Lapco FR Product Catalog

  1. Lapco FR Product Catalog


questionDid You Know?

The Workwear market in the U.S. was estimated at US$12.1 Billion in the year 2021. The country currently accounts for a 35.98% share in the global market

4.  Portwest portwest-logo

Portwest is a global manufacturer of safety wear, workwear, and protective gear. With over a century of expertise in making high-quality workwear, Portwest was also the fastest-growing company with it currently distributing workwear and gear to over 130 countries across the globe. 
Its current catalog includes all-weather clothing, FR clothing, workwear for the food industry, workwear, rainwear, hi-vis clothing, footwear, gloves, PPE, and other high-safety clothing and equipment. 

Portwest Contact Details

Specialities: PPE, Hand Protection, Flame Resistant, Safety Footwear, High Visibility, Rainwear, Classic & Premium Workwear among others 
Headquarter: Portwest LLC 1272 Omega Parkway Shepherdsville 
Kentucky 40165, USA 
Contact: +1 844 992 0111 

Portwest Product Catalog

  1. Portwest Product Catalog

5. Carharttcarhartt-logo

A company like Carhartt requires no introduction in this list. It is one of the leading uniform manufacturers in the world. 

Carhartt manufactures premium clothing known for exceptional durability, comfort, quality of construction, and fit that you can feel in the fabrics and see in the performance. 
In addition to being a leader in manufacturing industrial workwear, Carhartt is also known for providing Public Safety uniforms.  

Carhartt Contact Details

Founded: 1889
Specialities: Workwear, Twill, Quick Duck, Rugged, High-Visibility, Flame-Resistant uniforms among others 
Headquarter: 5750 Mercury Drive Dearborn, MI 48126 United States
Contact: +1 313-271-8460

Carhartt Product Catalog

  1. Carhartt Product Catalog


Rasco FR has been making workwear since 1988 and has specialized in FR workwear since 2001. During that time, Rasco FR has earned a reputation for being first in safety. 

Their uniforms are specially designed to protect electric utility, oil, petrochemical, and other workers from electric arc flashes and flash fire hazards. FR garments are guaranteed to be comfortable. 

Designed to meet NFPA 2112, NFPA 70E, ASTM F1506, and OSHA standards. 

Rasco Contact Details

Founded: 1988
Specialities: FR Workwear & Apparel, Fashion, and Safety  
Headquarter: 1707 N Flannery Rd, Baton Rouge, Louisiana US 
Contact: 800-472-7265 

Rasco FR Product Catalog

  1. Rasco FR Product Catalog

7. Big Bill Big bill logo

Big Bill is a Canadian brand by CODET INC with over 68 years of expertise in manufacturing quality industrial wear. However, it currently manufactures garments in both Canada and the U.S. and distributes them across North America. 
Big Bill provides industrial workwear for both subzero and blazing heat working conditions. Their catalog consists of an array of workwear clothing including Pants, Jeans, Shirts, Knits, Coverings, Coveralls, Bib Overalls, Parkas, High Visibility Customization, Safety Footwear, and Outerwear. 

Big Bill Contact Details

Founded: 1946 

Specialities: Flame-Resistant Protective Apparel, Outdoor Apparel, Workwear, Safety Footwear, and FR Workwear 
Headquarter: 294 Crawford RD Newport, VT 05855 (USA), 143 Pomerleau Magog, QC J1X 5P7 (Canada) 
Contact: 1-888-333-4819 

Big Bill Product Catalog

  1. Big Bill Product Catalog

8. DickiesDickies logo

Established in Fort Worth, Texas, a city and state known for its grit, Dickies has always been known for its no-nonsense approach to functional workwear.  

Dickies is a popular brand that is known for its workwear for many industries like healthcare, however, is also popular for its industrial workwear and FR clothing. 

The brand is beloved around the world and is known for its unmatched value, unsurpassed quality, uncomplicated style, no-nonsense attitude, and independent spirit. 

Dickies Contact Details 

Founded: 1922
Specialites: FR clothing, Industrial workwear among others 
Headquarter: Fort Worth, Texas 76104, US 
Contact: 1-800-342-5437

Dickies Product Catalog

  1. Dickies Product Catalog
  2. Big Smith Catalog by Dickies
  3. Liberty Overall Catalog by Dickies
  4. Walls Catalog by Dickies


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