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Sublime Cross Selling: Your Guide To Boosting Online Conversions

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Uniform Market February 21, 2017

The customer may always be right, but only the vendor has all the information. Thus to aid customers' decision-making, uniform vendors must inform them about other useful products through cross selling. Doing so boosts online sales and convinces customers to spend more time exploring your website, especially if you allow them to see how color changes affect all cross sale items:

What is cross selling?

Cross selling involves presenting customers who are interested in one product with a complementary product. Often, you will offer the customer a discount on the second product, though simply informing them that you have something else they need may be enough to complete the sale. If you sell jackets and hats for police officers, for example, you may try to encourage officers who visit your site in search of jackets to also look at hats. Given that they need to buy both, your customers are likely to respond positively to this information.

Why should my business use cross selling?

An effective cross selling strategy is beneficial for both you and your customers. On your end, it helps generate higher revenues from the same sale. You can thus boost your income without any increase in marketing or transaction costs. For customers, it is a chance to obtain everything they need at once, and thereby save the time and effort it would take to go back to your platform after buying the first item. Customers will thus see you as a source of valuable information and convenient sales, and will be more likely to return to your site in the future.

Why is it important to let customers change the colors of featured product images?

In addition to providing access to multiple products, uniform vendors must also show customers images of each product in all of its available colors. Simply telling them all the color options won't cut it; customers need to know exactly how a color change affects the overall look. By optimizing your website to change the color of featured product images at the buyer’s discretion, you give customers a fuller understanding of their aesthetic options. Not only does this make them more likely to buy your product, but it also increases the chance that they will buy multiple versions of it in different colors.

Why should I vary the color of cross sale items along with featured ones?

If a customer is open to buying multiple uniform and gear items, odds are she will want them all in the same color. Thus an effective cross selling strategy will vary the colors of the featured and cross sale products in tandem. Any change in one item’s coloring should be immediately reflected in all the others, thus matching customers to the items they are most likely to need.

As an example of this strategy in action, consider the following pages presenting medical scrubs:



Customers viewing these web pages immediately know what their options are for matching different items. If they are looking at a wine-colored scrub, they can see pocketed scrubs and jackets in the same color. When they alter the main scrub’s color, the other items change as well. Customers thus have no trouble determining how different parts of a uniform will look together. This feature also saves them time, leaving them free to explore other parts of your website.


Cross selling and color changes are only some of the elements of a convenient, appealing website. For more information on optimizing your web page for effective sales, contact UniformMarket today.


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