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Make Sure You Feature Your Uniforms and Footwear Best Sellers Everywhere

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Uniform Market February 16, 2017

Retail layout is, in many ways, reminiscent of website layout. Stores typically place their best sellers right in front, rather than force customers to wade through the entire store in order to find in-demand products. Websites are no different -- visitors want to see best sellers first, and then, maybe, they might browse for other products. By giving customers what they want, when they want it, you'll greatly improve satisfaction, while also increasing chances of return visits and purchases of less popular items.

Selection Should Not Be Random

Would you randomly select which products should be placed where in a traditional retail store? Typically, placement is carefully thought out, with products arranged in specific locations based on how and where customers are most likely to spend. The same concept should apply to website layout. Even more thought must be put into product layout and selection, as website visitors can leave your page far faster than traditional customers can depart a physical store. The Nielsen Norman Group reports that the average website visit lasts less than a minute, so it is imperative for online B2B and customer stores to make the most of every second. 



Why Top Products Should Be Front and Center

For some sites, the homepage acts much as signage and a front door would in a traditional retail facility, with this page serving solely as an introduction. Others feature products directly on the homepage. No matter which approach you prefer, website visitors should intuitively know how to access the products they desire -- and they should be promptly greeted by top sellers, rather than excess, hard-to-sell inventory.

Easy-to-navigate tabs should take website visitors directly to product pages, where bestsellers are highlighted first. This setup is advisable for both customer and B2B online stores; neither type of website visitor wants to spend precious time wading through unimportant accessories or other undesired products. When in doubt, apply the three-click rule of usability: customers should be able to find their way to their preferred product by clicking no more than three times.


The Correct Order For Website Presentation

As customers enter your website, they should be greeted by best sellers. Those who know exactly what they want can immediately find their preferred products and checkout promptly. Those who continue to browse will not mind looking at best sellers before moving on to new inventory. From there, move on to accessories, and finally, inventory you want to get rid of as soon as possible. Just as clearance sections occupy the back corners of typical retail stores, hard-to-sell products should be the last items website visitors encounter.


The Role of Widgets

Customization is essential not only for ensuring the best possible website presentation, but also for managing lots of websites. User-friendly widgets allow you to place products for maximum effect. The best content management systems (CMS) allow you to create your own widgets, ensuring that content placement is as flexible as possible.

Customization is essential as you establish a web presence that meets your customers' unique needs. Widgets allow you to add elements exactly as you see fit. Look to Sellers Commerce and UniformMarket for B2B and B2C content management solutions that streamline the website management process and promote the best possible customer experience.


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