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2 Great Ways to Sell Custom Badges Online

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Uniform Market June 24, 2016

In our industry, one of the ways to increase sales and set your onlin uniform store apart from th masses is to sell custom badges and insignia. Helping our clients do just that, UniformMarket has two easy-to-use ways to sell custom badges online. 

So if your company is looking to increase sales by selling badges or other types of insignia, these below two interactive designers offer a great way to do it online! And best of all — they both integrate seamlessly with the B2B Retailer Pro platform.

Smith & Warren App

smith_warren_badge_designer.jpgSmith & Warren has been manufacturing badges and uniform insignia in the US since 1925.  Through extensive investments in engineering and manufacturing, every badge is manufactured in 3 weeks in a technologically advanced secure facility located in White Plains, NY.  

The Smith & Warren art department works with customers to develop a custom badge to their specifications. Whether developing a custom center seal or a completely new badge from scratch,  Smith & Warren can take an idea and make it a reality. Click here to see some Smith & Warren Custom Designs.

This app allows you to add the badge builder to your online store so that your shoppers can build their own custom badges and easily add them to their shopping carts.  It is the perfect fit for retailers who want to complement their apparel and footwear offerings.

See an example of the Smith & Warren badge creation process here.  a

Blackinton App

blackinton_badge_designer.jpgBlackinton is a world leader in manufacturing, designing and delivering custom badges, name and commendation bars. It is the largest manufacturer of police, fire, security, military, and government badges and uniform insignia in the US.  

With more than 160 years of manufacturing excellence, the company combines old world craftsmanship with cutting-edge manufacturing technologies to produce the industry’s finest quality products.  Based in Massachusetts since 1852, Blackinton has gained insight serving the nation’s leading law enforcement, security, military, federal, and fire safety departments at the local, municipal, state and county levels. Click here to see the top selling Blackinton badges.

The Blackinton app will enable badge builder capability on your online store so that your clients can build custom badges and simply add them to their shopping carts. It is easy to use and a great way to embellish any uniform.

See an example of the Blackinton badge creation process here.  

Custom badges and insignia are one way to transform your run of the mill online uniform store to a top-notch, one stop shop for your customers. With either of the above companies, you can’t go wrong. And since they both integrate seamlessly with the B2B Retailer Pro platform, adding these apps to your website is a logical move and would be a smooth transition.

For more on UniformMarket, or how we can help you sell custom badges and insignia online, click here.


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