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Web Writing Wisdom: How To Create Compelling Pages For Uniform Sales

8 min read
Sellers Commerce July 25, 2018

Stop me if you’ve been in this situation: you visit a website for a product you’re interested in but find the writing style so boring or confusing that you just can't make it through the page. As a uniform marketer, you need to make sure potential customers aren’t thinking this when they visit your site. Even if you aren’t a trained writer, there are some simple principles to remember that will help you make your pages vastly more interesting and engaging. So when creating or updating your website for uniform sales, make sure to:

Keep it Simple

Stick to writing simple, understandable sentences that clients won’t have any trouble following. The simpler the thought, the less likely it is that readers will find your web page boring or confusing. Simplicity is also good for consistency. If you make a lot of complex statements on your site, you may have trouble keeping track of what you’ve said. This raises the risk that you’ll contradict yourself down the line, which causes clients to lose trust.

Break Up Content

Few clients are willing to sit through long paragraphs. Even if they do read to the end, they’ll have trouble remembering what they read. To prevent this, break up content into smaller chunks by using:

  • Lists- Whenever you have to talk about several related but distinct things, split those things into a list. If you’re not arranging those things in any particular order, use bullet points; if you are, use a numbered list. In either case, you'll make it easier for readers to separate out your thoughts and remember everything you’ve said.
  • Subheads- Every time you complete a major point you’re discussing, insert a subhead before the next paragraph. The subhead should give readers a clue about what the next point will be about. Not only does this break up content, but it makes it easier for readers to go back through the piece and identify its major themes.
  • Multimedia- Insert photos and videos at strategic points throughout your writing to catch clients’ attention and put concrete images into their minds. Make sure this content relates directly to what you’re writing about.

The better you are at dividing up content, the less viewers will think it’s a chore to read what you’ve written. This makes them more likely to finish it and get your message.

Leverage Local Language

If you appeal to customers in a particular location, you should incorporate local phrases and figures of speech into your writing. This helps you to build a sense of legitimacy among those customers, showing them you know who they are and where they come from. In this way, you make them more likely to trust you to meet their uniform needs over the long haul.

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