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loyalty program for uniform businesses

Retaining Your Customers with a Discount Shopping Club

8 min read
Ryan Quinn February 29, 2016

Loyalty is much harder to come by in today’s e-commerce world, and that’s why you should make use of every possible avenue to engage potential customers.

Discount shopping clubs have become a quickly growing trend in the retail industry over the last few years. These types of in-house shopping groups have been shown to have a positive impact on customer/brand loyalty, and members of shopping clubs have more of an incentive to become regular customers.

Benefits of a Discount Shopping Club

Discount shopping groups make people feel like they are part of something exclusive and getting the best possible price, which creates customer loyalty.

Shopping clubs can also bring in new customers as people network with existing members and hear about the promotions and savings. Loyalty programs like discount shopping clubs also give consumers a “reason to spend”, which is critical part of effective marketing strategy today.

Last but not least, discount groups also provide retailers with a wealth of valuable information about their customers, ranging from how much they spend to the type of marketing they’re most responsive to.

How to Promote your Online Uniform Store/How to Get People to Join Your Shopping Group

Work on ways to make your shopping club as “exclusive” as possible. Discounts are great, and a really good deal on uniform apparel, footwear or gear is an important part of any program, but offering members access to a special inventory, such as a unique color thread, is a great way to get people to sign up for your club.

Finally, make sure to both take full advantage of and respect the email addresses you are collecting from club members. The response rate to targeted emails is much higher than blanket bulk mailings, so don’t miss this opportunity. By the same token, it’s important to respect your customers by not constantly spamming them with “deals” they really aren’t that interested in.

Everyone loves a good deal! And you may be anxious to get a shopping club started, but setting up a successful discount shopping group will take some time and effort, but the potential rewards are well worth it. Let the professionals at UniformMarket help you develop an active shopping club that will help you in promoting your online uniform store today!

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