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influencer marketing and uniform industry

Influencer Intel: How To Market Your Uniforms With Others' Fame

8 min read
Sellers Commerce July 13, 2018

When marketing your uniform company online, you may think that you need to build publicity from the ground up. But why not take advantage of publicity that already exists— namely, that of established influencers? If you can get someone who has a large online following to endorse your product, you instantly gain the attention and interest of their fans, potentially earning you thousands or even millions of customers. Thus by mastering the art of influencer marketing, you can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your publicity efforts, all while lowering their cost.

What is Influencer Marketing?

An influencer is anyone who has large numbers of followers for their blog, social media account, or other online profile. They include comedians, makeup artists, chefs, musicians, scientists, historians, authors, commentators, and a wide range of other individuals who have valued insights and talents. Although there is no concrete definition of “large following,” in general, someone must have several thousand regular followers to be considered an influencer.

Influencer marketing is the art of convincing influencers to promote your product. This can include promoting them through direct endorsements, along with more subtly incorporating your product into their content. As a uniform seller, you may want to have influencers wear your gear, especially while doing something relevant to that gear. For example, if you sell protective eyewear, you could ask influencers to wear your product while fixing their car, hammering in nails, or doing something else that presents a risk to their eyes.

How Can I Attract Influencers?

Getting influencers to endorse your product is all about incentives. If you can convince them that your interests and theirs are aligned, it’s easy to get them to promote what you're selling. To do this, you must:

  • Make Specific Selections- Don’t just work with any influencer. Select those whose work directly relates to your gear. Not only will more of their followers be interested in buying your products, but such influencers will have an easier time incorporating those products directly into their content.
  • Offer Free Publicity- You have to give publicity to get publicity. Thus if you’re trying to attract an influencer, mention them on your company blog and social media accounts, even before they’ve agreed to work with you. This will cause them to have a more positive impression of your company, and will make them more likely to mention you as a form of gratitude.
  • Deliver Tangible Benefits- Offer the influencer free products, money, or other tangible rewards for endorsing your product. Typically, you should send them some free products before they agree to endorse you; ask them to use or mention that product in their content, and promise to send more if they do. This way, they can judge the quality of your product before endorsing it, and will thus know for sure whether it’s worth including in their content.

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