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Social Media Strategies for uniform stores

Social Media Strategies To Promoting Uniforms & Gear On Social Media

8 min read
Sellers Commerce June 19, 2018

When most people think of social media, they view it as a way for friends to interact with each other on an individual level. But Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are every bit as important for businesses as they are for individuals. Not only do millions of consumers use social media, but such networks hold the key to getting them to trust the product and service information they see. Thus as a uniform sales company trying to build a loyal customer base, you must master social media marketing, which begins with:

Publishing Profiles

The first step to social media marketing is to create a profile for your company on the networks you want to use. These networks should almost always include Facebook, which accounts for too large a stream of customers to ignore; Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest profiles also provide access to large numbers of customers. Once you’ve chosen the platforms to publish on, fill those profiles with essential information about your company, including what you sell, where you sell it, and what kinds of clients you work with. Make sure the information you upload is consistent across platforms so that no one who follows you feels confused or misled.

Commencing with Comments

Once you have social media platforms in place, you have to get people to visit them. One of the best ways to do this is to comment on posts from other companies and famous individuals that are relevant to your uniform business. For example, if there is a news story about a serious workplace accident, you could comment on the story on social media and mention how the right gear could have prevented that accident. This shows that you are knowledgeable about uniform topics, leading customers to respect you and seek more information about your business.

Engaging with Customers

When potential customers begin to visit your page, engage with them at every opportunity. If someone comments on one of your posts, you should respond to their comment as quickly and comprehensively as possible. Answer any questions they have, and offer them resources you think they might be interested in. This shows customers that you care about their questions and opinions, encouraging them to return to your page, engage with you further, and eventually make a purchase.

Linking Across the Internet

As you expand your following on social media, coordinate posts on those networks with your website and other online resources you have. For example, if you publish weekly blog posts on your website, make sure to link to those posts on each social media page. Likewise, you can link from your website to social media pages. This helps raise the SEO of your online marketing materials, and it makes it easier for customers to see everything you have published.



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