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3 Tips for Managing Multiple Webstores

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Avinash Reddy April 20, 2018


Multiple Webstore Management: Understanding & Addressing The Most Common Challenges In Uniform Sales



Expansion is the dream of any business, especially in uniform marketing, where your potential for growth is virtually unlimited. As a uniform supplier, you’re constantly looking for new types of gear you can sell and new customers to sell it to. But this quest for more revenues and market share comes with its own costs, especially if you decide to split your product offerings across multiple websites.

Coordinating sales from so many different sites creates enormous administrative and logistical challenges. But through the following strategies, you can address those challenges and continue expanding without issue.


Tip 1: Automate Extensively

The more of your websites’ functions you put on autopilot, the easier it is to coordinate them, no matter how many such sites you have. Start by arranging for your sites to place orders directly with the supplier and carrier. This way, you don’t have to process customers’ orders yourself; as soon as they place one, the supplier and carrier can begin shipping it.

You should also set up a Point of Sale system on your site so that customers don’t need to call you to provide payment information. Make sure to have all your sites report information from these functions to the same central database, as you may need to retrieve data from multiple sites quickly.


Tip 2: Create Features for Customization

One of the greatest sources of headaches in modern uniform sales is the need for customization. If a customer calls you and asks to make changes to your uniform offerings, you have to keep track of what site they’re placing the order from, what specific uniform they’re ordering, and all the customization details.

By allowing customers to customize their uniforms directly on your websites, however, you save yourself the trouble of remembering and coordinating their requests and alterations.


Tip 3: Set Up Supervisory Approval

Clients who let their employees order uniforms directly often set limits on how much money they can spend and what gear they can order. Given that some clients also use multiple uniform websites and may have different rules for orders from each, keeping track of these limitations is always an uphill battle. But by setting up supervisor approval, you save yourself from having to track any of this.

Supervisor approval means allowing managers at your clients’ companies to approve or deny uniform sales. You can give them this power over all purchases, over purchases of certain products, or over purchases that exceed a certain price. Because managers already know how much they have budgeted for uniforms and what specific gear they need to order, they’ll have no trouble coordinating purchases from all your websites on their own. As a result, you will not need to remember or enforce clients’ preferences for each of your sites, saving you considerable effort and lowering the risk of mistakes.

 For more information on these and other tips on managing multiple stores, contact UniformMarket today.

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