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Should You Build Your E-commerce Website In-House Or Outsource It?

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Andrew Macaluso June 10, 2019

If you are a business owner, especially of a small business, there are plenty of opportunities for growth with new trends making it easier than ever to shop online while using a mobile device.

But how should you go about building your eCommerce website?


Table of Contents:

  • Intro
  • In-House eCommerce Solution
    • Pros
    • Cons
  • Outsourced eCommerce Solution
    • Pros
    • Cons
  • Call-to-Action


Depending on who you ask, some business owners find that hiring in-house developers to be better than outsourcing web development from another company. But others think differently.

As there are advantages and disadvantages related to in-house web development; the same can also be said for outsourced web development.

While some businesses prefer having somebody in-house that can rapidly and productively handle any and all internet crises others prefer to leave the obligations to an outside source.

Business with a proven track record of effectively exploring the unpredictable issues that accompany selling your products online would be the best choice, especially if you decide to go worldwide with that product.

With that being said, is it better to outsource your eCommerce site build than to do it in-house?

Well, it depends. Each solution has its benefits. Let’s examine the pros and cons of each option.


In-House eCommerce Solution

An in-house eCommerce solution means that your team is responsible for creating a system that is strictly for selling within your organization and maintaining it at all terms. One of the biggest pros of an in-house solution is that you can custom make it to fit your business needs.

Below are a few reasons why some choose to have their work performed in-house.


  • Take Control of All Activities: One of the main pros of an in-house eCommerce solution is being able to have full control of all the activities. Some companies are lucky enough to have an outstanding team of personnel that doesn’t require them to seek outside help. Some business owners feel that they can save money this way.
  • It’s Aligned With Your Company’s Needs: No one knows you better than you. And the same can be said for your company. An in-house solution can provide you with exactly what you need without all the unnecessary extras taking up space.
  • On-site Staff: In-house designers know about the different regions the business participates in and equipped for offering potential arrangements that an outside group may not see. By having an in-house designer, you have an individuals who can tackle any issue with your eCommerce platform on-site, so your issues will be taken care of right away. You won’t have to wait in line behind any other business.
  • Less Expensive: Hiring an outsourced agency to build your B2B online store can be costly, especially if you’re a new company that hasn’t generated much revenue. There is no guarantee that you will see an immediate return on your investment by outsourcing your company store.


  • It’s Time Wasting: If you’re unable to hire someone to strictly work on your eCommerce platform, you will have to place the responsibility on another employee’s workload. Utilizing in-house engineers implies developing in-house learning and skill, which can take up a lot of time and effort. If your workers start to feel exhausted and undervalued, they probably won't be with your company for long.
  • It Can Be Difficult to Set Up: If you’re inexperienced, setting up an eCommerce platform can be more difficult than it seems, even more so if you don’t follow the rules and regulations.
  • Lack of Security: Security breaches can happen. Huge corporations have experienced them but they also have the revenue to cover any damage done to their brand. A smaller company likely can’t afford to take the same hit. If you can’t guarantee that customers’ information will be safe an in-house eCommerce solution might not be the best choice for you.

Outsourced eCommerce Solution

By outsourcing your eCommerce solution to build your company store website you’re putting the program into the hands of professionals who work outside your company while putting their knowledge and expertise to work for your business.

Let’s break down the advantages and disadvantages of an outsourced eCommerce solution.


  • Professional Help: By bringing aboard an outsourced eCommerce solution you will be dealing with a team of experts who spend their days working on this platform on a daily basis. An experienced eCommerce solution team knows what it takes to help you get your business to the next level. Everything from setting up your online uniform store to updating the product catalogs will be done by them. 
  • You Will Save Yourself Time: Putting the trust of your business in the hands of an outside team who has experience in eCommerce solutions, that is one less thing you and your employees have to worry about. You will save yourself a lot of time by not having to create the solution yourself with your own products, prices, links, etc.
  • Enhanced Security: Unlike in-house solutions, a quality outsourced eCommerce platform comes with security certificates and a fraud protection team that is dedicated to keeping your information safe. Your customers will feel safer knowing you can offer them peace-of-mind with their information.
  • Specialized Equipment: How successful your company promotional store is relies heavily on website development, the design of the website, PPC campaigns and much more. To implement these things, you need special equipment and the desired skills.
  • Wide Range of Payment Methods: If you want to offer your customers the opportunity to pay in more than one way, it’s best to hire an outsourced eCommerce solution that offers a wide range of payment methods. A quality eCommerce solution will also accept currencies from around the world.


  • A High Demand for Developers: The demand for outsourced agents has gone up over the years making experts in the field harder to find to service your store build which means they might not be able to meet your deadlines due to a busy schedule.
  • Finding One You Can Trust: Before you make a decision on an agent to outsource your online store be sure to check their reviews, testimonials and anything else that might give you some insight on if they’re trustworthy enough to hire.
  • Higher Cost: When outsourcing an eCommerce solution it’s very easy to overspend. Make sure you share your concerns with the technology provider you are looking to hire, as they might be able to work with you and provide you services at an affordable price.
  • You’re Not The Only Company They’re Servicing: If the eCommerce solution is one of the best in the business chances are you’re not the only company they’re servicing which means it might take some time to fix any issues you have or answer any questions. Be sure to checkout their customer service record.

Enlisting in-house developers has various favorable circumstances.

However, outsourcing is typically a better option for companies that are still growing.

Most businesses view an in-house eCommerce solution as more ideal but the truth of the matter is that outsourced solutions have more technical expertise and better communication which is what your company needs to survive and reach its true potential.

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