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24 advantages of wearing school uniforms

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Andrew Macaluso June 8, 2018

Dark blue jackets, white shirts, light blue skirts and pants: we all know the look of the prototypical school uniform. And whether your uniforms look like this or something completely different, there’s no better coup your business can pull off than convincing a school to let you provide their uniforms.

But not all schools are willing to establish the same clothing for everyone, which is why you need to make a case that it is worth their while. You should thus emphasize the myriad advantages of wearing school uniforms, including:

1. School Spirit

One of the best ways to get students engaged with their school is to have them wear its colors day in and out. By getting everyone to wear the same set of clothes, schools can encourage a sense of unity, so that all students understand they are part of a common whole.

2. Reduced Bullying

Schools can use uniforms to cut down on bullying. By making everyone wear the same set of clothes, they reduce the opportunities for kids to make fun of each other based on their clothing choices.

3. Less Peer Pressure

Clothing is often a subject of peer pressure, with kids pressuring one another to wear certain outfits. With uniforms, this isn’t a possibility.

4. Cost Savings

School uniforms are often significantly cheaper than branded clothing. Instituting them is thus a great way to help parents and the school save money.

5. Socioeconomic Solutions

Kids can often tell one another’s socioeconomic status based on the clothing they’re wearing; this then becomes a basis for bullying and discrimination. But if everyone wears the same uniforms, it’s harder to figure this out.

6. Student Identification

Uniforms help school administrators identify who is a student and who is not. This makes it easier to ensure that students do not sneak into unauthorized areas.


7. Intruder Identification

Besides identifying students, schools can identify intruders as those who aren’t wearing uniforms. This makes it easier to remove intruders and keep students safe.

8. Dress Code Fairness

All schools have dress codes, but many of these codes are criticized for being unfair by, for example, putting more scrutiny on girls than boys. But if everyone wears the same uniform regardless of gender or background, this is not likely to be an issue.

9. Improved Discipline

School uniforms help establish a sense of discipline among students, making them less likely to act out or break other rules.

10. Improved Focus

By removing fashion items that can often be distracting, uniforms help students focus on their schoolwork.

11. Routine Streamlining

When students wear uniforms, they have an easier time getting ready for school in the morning, as there’s no need to pick out an outfit. Students can thus get dressed more quickly and with less stress.

12. Uniforms Can Be Handed Down

Students can easily hand school uniforms down after they outgrow them. This helps new students save money while encouraging a sense of unity between different generations.

13. Dress for Success

Students need to learn the importance of dressing appropriately for each situation they encounter in life. Assigning uniforms helps teach them this.

14. Increased Attendance

Students who can’t afford the latest fashions often feign sickness rather than show up to school in clothes they don’t like. Uniforms take away the incentive to do this.

15. Gang Prevention

Gang members often identify one another based on their clothing. Uniforms thus make it harder for gangs to organize.

16. Clique Control

Though less serious than gangs, cliques can also create an unhealthy environment for students. And because they use clothing to organize as well, uniforms help keep them at bay.

17. Creative Expression

When students can’t vary their clothes, they have to find other ways to express themselves. This helps them think more creatively.

18. Environmental Initiatives

Uniforms reduce the total amount of clothing students must buy. Schools can incorporate this into a lesson about conserving resources and protecting the environment.

19. Reputation Reinforcement

By establishing the same uniforms for everyone, schools can remove offensive messages, disturbing images, and other clothing content that might harm their reputations.

20. Safety Improvements

With the right uniforms, schools can reduce the likelihood that students will trip, strain themselves, or be unprepared for the weather. This improves everyone's health and safety.

21. Improved Teacher Expectations

Teachers have been found to subconsciously set different expectations for students depending on how well they’re dressed. But if everyone wears the same uniforms, teachers will have similar expectations for everyone, and will thus teach in a more egalitarian way.

22. Soaring Student Expectations

Besides affecting teachers' expectations, uniforms help students have higher opinions of themselves, giving them the confidence to perform better.

24. School Styles

Uniforms let schools give themselves a distinct style that everyone in their community can recognize and appreciate.


For more information on promoting the advantages of wearing school uniforms and other tips for school uniforms stores, contact Uniform Market today.

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