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Humanizing Your Uniform Company

The Art & Importance Of Humanizing Your Uniform Company

8 min read
Sellers Commerce June 20, 2018

Whether you’re selling uniforms, protective gear, or any other product, never underestimate how important it is to humanize your company. Clients don’t want to purchase from some faceless corporate venture; they want to work with someone who understands their needs and concerns. The better you are at putting a human face on your company, the easier it is to show buyers that you truly know what they’re going through, and thus convince them to trust you with their business. The following strategies will help you humanize your company, earning the trust and loyalty of your customers for the long haul:

Personal Pictures

One of the simplest ways of putting a human face on your company is to use, well, human faces! At every opportunity on your website and in your promotional materials, post photos of yourself and your staff, making sure to show their smiling faces. Ideally, these photos should depict your employees doing something relevant to your business, such as showing uniform options to a client or working with one another on a project. These photos show potential buyers that your business is made of real people who have the same ambitions and feelings they do. They also cause clients to associate those faces with your brand, fully humanizing your company in their eyes.

Story Sharing

Every company has a unique story behind it. Sharing that story is one of the best ways to show clients who you really are. Using your website’s “About Us” page, tell clients why you chose to go into business, what initial challenges you faced, and how you overcame those challenges. Given that in the uniform industry, most of your clients will be other businesses, there’s no better way to show what you and your customers have in common than by sharing a business story.

Cause Contributions

A big part of humanizing your company is showing that you believe in something. Thus from the moment you go into business, you should involve your company in causes that you care about. These can be initiatives to feed the needy, preserve the environment, or provide care for deadly diseases— any positive, uncontroversial cause is worth participating in. Ideally, you should find a way to use your uniforms or gear to contribute to that cause. Then make it clear through social media and content marketing that you’ve contributed, and that in doing so, you are reflecting your values.

Community Connections

Besides charitable causes, consider involving your organization in events that bring your community together. From holiday festivals to parades to parties, there are many events you can fund and participate in that let you engage with your community. You can post about your involvement in these events on social media and through content marketing. And your mere participation in them will make you appear more human and relatable to local clients.

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