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Promoting Benefits Of Your Uniforms

Prudent Professionalism: Promoting Key Benefits Of Your Uniforms

8 min read
Sellers Commerce July 23, 2018

What exactly are you selling? As a uniform marketer, you might think the answer is, well, uniforms, but that would be a mistake. You’re selling solutions to problems, sources of greater wealth, and opportunities to enhance your clients’ businesses. Your gear is just a means to these ends, so your marketing materials should always focus on how best to achieve them.

Uniform marketers who understand this principle will list the various goals their gear achieves, which usually include improved safety, increased comfort, and workplace convenience. But there’s one more goal that you need to keep in mind: professionalism. The better you can communicate that your uniforms create a professional environment, the easier it is to make them appealing to every manner of client.

How to Promote Professionalism

The “show, don’t tell” principle never rang more true than with professionalism. Anyone can say that their gear gives employees a professional look, but you’ll never convince clients unless you can demonstrate that it does this. Thus when marketing your uniforms, focus on publishing pictures and videos of employees wearing them in professional settings. Select the most sophisticated images you can find of workers in them, and make sure the broader environment appears professional as well. In this way, you can put the word “professionalism” in clients’ minds without ever needing to say it yourself.

In addition to using photos, you can sell your gear’s professional quality by emphasizing other benefits of wearing it. These include:

  • Cleanliness- If you offer uniforms that are easy to keep clean, make that a major selling point in your marketing campaign. Not only is cleanliness good in its own right, but it is closely associated with professionalism. Employees who can consistently keep their clothes clean will have no trouble convincing their customers that they are sophisticated, serious, and professional.
  • Strength- Besides being clean, uniforms need to be in good condition in order to display professionalism. The more that your uniforms resist wear and tear and the easier they are to repair when they are damaged, the more professional they will make their wearers’ work. So if your uniforms are made from a highly durable material or have some other feature that makes them hard to damage and/or easy to fix, you should put that feature front and center in your marketing.
  • Ranking- Many companies use uniforms to rank employees. Certain outfits designate that someone is in a leadership position, has a specialized skill, or is otherwise powerful or prestigious. Firms appear more professional if they organize their employees effectively and make it clear who has authority. If your uniforms are good for this, make that clear to your buyers.

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