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 Importance Of Framing Marketing Content

The Art & Importance Of Framing Marketing Content Around Questions

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Sellers Commerce August 3, 2018

What’s the key to writing good uniform marketing content? As an experienced marketer, you can probably think of many answers to this question. From SEO to local authenticity to brevity to accuracy, there’s a lot that goes into making uniform content appealing. Successful marketers have to master all these things if they want their content to be seen and appreciated.

While successful content marketing does require many skills, one strategy will help you master many of these skills at once: framing. The more effectively you frame each piece of content, the easier it is to appear authentic, stay concise, and rank above other search results. And in the modern market, the best way to frame content is as an answer to a question.

Why Should I Frame Content as a Question?

Simply put, your customers are asking questions, so your content needs to answer them. When people search for uniforms and gear for their companies, they’re typically trying to solve problems. Questions like “how can I improve safety” or “what’s the best way to make employees stand out” are sure to be running through their minds. By framing your content this way, you answer their questions directly, making your content appear highly relevant on sight.

While answering questions was always important, the rise of voice search is making it even more critical. When clients conduct a search by voice, they’re more likely to ask a question than they are when they type that search out. So as more and more of your potential customers switch to voice search, it will become ever more important to frame your content around questions.

How Can I Frame My Content This Way?

The simplest way to make your content answer a question is to simply include questions within that content. Through keyword research, you can determine the specific questions that customers are likely to ask, and then include those exact questions when writing the content. You can use them as subheads or ask them in the opening paragraph. Not only will this improve your search rank, but it ensures that when potential customers click on your content, they’ll instantly see that it answers their questions.

In addition to including questions directly, you can frame your content around them by:

  • Going Straight to the Point- In all but the longest writings, you should provide customers with the information they want as quickly and directly as possible. This tells customers that you have their question in mind and are making it your highest priority.
  • Using Hard Facts- Whenever possible, give the reader statistics and other cold, hard facts. Make sure to back them up with links to reputable sources, so the client knows they’re accurate.
  • Describe in Steps- If the client must take a number of steps to solve their problem, describe each of those steps in detail.

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