Adding and maintaining the products you sell is the most significant job you must undertake to have a successful online store.  

When clients or prospects come to your website, they expect to find the products they are looking for - and they want the products now! They will look through different websites until they find what they need.  

It is also important to offer the most current products available and to remove discontinued items. This is the most difficult part of owning an apparel, footwear, or equipment website.

The UniformMarket Solution

UniformMarket does the heavy lifting for you, leaving you free to spend your time marketing your website, not managing data. We do our best to maintain all of your suppliers’ data in the websites that we build for you. We work with manufacturers directly, or on your behalf, to maintain their product data - such as descriptions, SKUs, pictures, and pricing. Then, we load and update that supplier’s product line for display and purchase in your website.

Every time that we receive updated information from the manufacturer, we update your website. This includes:

  • Building Categories
    • Selecting and formatting images
    • Organizing categories by product types, brands, market segments, etc.
    • Creating appropriate descriptions to market each category of products
  • Managing Products
    • Adding new products each season
    • Removing discontinued products and SKUs
    • Selecting and formatting images for products and all available colors
    • Creating all product options and entering SKUs
    • Managing pricing for MSRP and MAP, and accounting for color and size adjustments
    • Writing or editing all product descriptions with bullet points
    • Adding sizing charts
  • Improving Search
    • Assigning “tags” to products so customers can search using keywords, part numbers, brand names, colors, and more

The Impact on Your Business

If you think about the time that you have spent or will spend doing this work, you’ll realize that the UniformMarket data management fees are a fraction of what you would spend doing it yourself.

So ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can my time or my staff’s time be spent more productively if we let UniformMarket handle the data?
  • How much money do I spend when one of my own team is doing the online product work?
  • Are we doing a good enough job on the data when we do it ourselves?

It comes down to this: Could you hire an employee to do all the work that UniformMarket does for less than the data plan that you choose? What happens if you are doing the work yourself and the employee responsible is out sick or leaves for good?

Your website should present your entire business model and product offering. Showing one of your suppliers and not others does not give the correct impression of the business you have worked hard to create. The Internet can quickly make a small business appear large and a large business look small simply by the presentation of products. Make that first impression count - show all your suppliers!

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