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Update Urgency: Why Your Home Page Should Never Stay Stagnant

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Uniform Market May 24, 2017

How many physical shops do you see that leave their storefronts the same for years at a time? The vast majority of store owners constantly update their display windows, adding new wares and information on a monthly or even weekly basis. Yet the same owners often leave the home pages of their company websites unchanged. In doing so, they miss a valuable opportunity to serve customers and promote their businesses.

Internet Imperatives

Regular updates are essential for any eCommerce site, particularly in uniform marketing. While they may seem unnecessary for relatively stable products like professional gear, it is precisely the stability of these products that makes updates critical. Clients who purchase uniforms often regard the task as mundane, and may not take the time to research their options in full. By updating your site regularly, you can make clients' experiences more interesting, thus encouraging them to come back. Regular updates also provide the opportunity to illuminate customers' options, giving them useful information they might not have thought to look for.

Demonstrating Dynamism

In addition to making uniform shopping a more interesting and informative experience, updating your home page also allows you to project a more dynamic image of your company. If your site remains the same year after year, customers will get the impression that you do not think ahead, take risks, or try new things. If they think your company is stagnant, they may assume that you won’t improve your service over time, making them less likely to come back. Regular updates tell them that you adapt to new trends and strive to optimize your products, prices, and customer experiences.

Succeeding at SEO

Even if your home page is currently optimized for search engine success, the rules of SEO change over time. New technologies, consumer preferences, and hot topics lead to changes in search algorithms, causing formerly popular websites to fall into obscurity. If you fail to update your home page and other parts of your site, you cannot respond to these changes, and risk losing one of the most important sources of publicity.

Initial Improvements

While it’s clear that no company should fail to update its home page, many firms are unsure how to start improving them. If you’re struggling to figure out where to begin, consider:

  • Adding New Information- If anything has changed about your company, that information should be a top priority for website updates. Your home page should immediately publish any differences in operating hours, contact information, or business locations. You should also indicate changes in your product line, linking readers to pages where they can read about these changes in detail.
  • Optimizing for Mobile- One of the most important recent development in SEO is the rise of mobile searching. Google and other search engines now consider mobile searches more important than typed ones, and penalize sites that only appeal to desktops. If you first designed your website before smartphones and tablets became widespread, update it immediately to cater to mobile.
  • Rotating Previews- While few companies can show their entire product selections on their home pages, most include images or descriptions of at least a few key wares. Consider rotating these products, giving clients a different preview every few weeks. This allows you to appear dynamic even without changing your product line.

While these ideas can help you get started, updating your website is a always a significant undertaking. UnfiromMarket provides the information and guidance you need for successful, effective updates. For more information on site maintenance and other uniform marketing topics, contact us today.


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