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essentials to be prepared for seasonal shifts

Weatherproofing Your Workers: The Right Gear For Any Environment

8 min read
Sellers Commerce June 26, 2018

In any business, it’s essential to be prepared for seasonal shifts. Companies of all stripes are thus careful to anticipate changes in demand, supply, and countless other human factors that affect their ability to do business. But human factors aren’t the only thing that changes throughout the year. The natural world shifts as well, and depending on where you live, there can be dramatic changes in temperature, storm patterns, and other factors with each new season. You need to get ready for these seasonal shifts, and that starts with providing your workers the uniforms they need to stay safe and comfortable in any weather.

Quality Gear for Shifting Seasons

To prepare your workers for the new weather, you need to select gear that is tailored to those conditions. Depending on where you work, this may mean investing in:

  • Clothes that can Breathe- From Florida to Texas to California to North Carolina, sweltering summers are par for the course in large portions of this country. If your employees need to work outdoors in hot and humid conditions, the best thing you can offer them is a uniform that breathes. If air flows easily in and out of your uniforms, heat won’t be able to build up. As a result, employees can stay cool on even the hottest days.
  • Insulated Outfits- Whereas some workers must do business in extremely hot environments, others have to work in the cold. In these cases, you need to provide your employees with uniforms that can hold in as much heat as possible. Make sure the uniforms cover your employees’ bodies entirely without restricting their movement or vision. This way, your workers will lose a minimum amount of body heat, making it easy to stay warm.
  • Solar Protection- If your workers spend a good portion of their time outside or on the road, they’ll likely be exposed to the sun on a regular basis. This can cause serious damage to their eyes, especially if they’re working in sunny climates. You thus need to invest in quality sunglasses that can protect their eyes against UV rays and other forms of solar damage. Make sure that employees who wear glasses can get shades that enhance their vision, and that the eyewear you invest in doesn’t make it too dark for workers to see what they’re doing.
  • Moisture Resistance- If you work in a rainy climate, your workers need boots and clothing that will keep moisture from getting inside. Not only does this make them more comfortable, but it reduces a number of health risks. You should also look for boots that provide ample traction, as it can be dangerous for workers to do their jobs in the rain without the proper footwear.


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