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Brand Marketing for Manufacturers

Uniform Manufacturers Lean on Digital Innovations to Streamline Brand Marketing

8 min read
Jason May 3, 2022

Manufacturers have always relied on sales representatives to drive all the brand marketing initiatives with their retailers & distributors. They’d reach out to them manually via emails & calls, take stock of their orders, update painstakingly in individual excel sheets and ensure they’re timely fulfilled. The sales reps would even connect with new customers who may be interested in selling their products and thereby work towards expanding the clientele.   
While that yielded satisfactory results back in the day, in today’s digital era and with steep business targets at hand, manually marketing and managing the brand is simply impossible. Given that manufacturers are also foraying into D2C markets by maintaining their own online stores, their responsibilities no longer end at manufacturing high-quality goods. They now have to market it too and do it well in order to grow their business. 
That’s precisely the reason why uniform manufacturers from different industries are adopting innovative digital solutions to be able to better manage & market their brands.  
Manufacturers Taking Marketing in their Own Hands 
Given our extensive experience in the uniform industry, we decided to build a unique digital solution called Brand Syndication Program (BSP) that would let uniform manufacturers own brand marketing and management without engaging their sales folks.     

The biggest challenge when it comes to marketing is being able to put your products before the right audience in a way that appeals to them. BSP takes on this fundamental issue head-on by enabling uniform manufacturers to share & promote catalogs to 1500+ online uniform retailers at the push of a button. They can control which retailers can subscribe to their catalogs, monitor how their brand is being represented, track best-performing products, push product updates, share customized catalogs relevant to specific retailers, and more. 
Power Your Uniform Manufacturing Business with BSP 
Brand Syndication Program lets uniform manufacturers have complete control over their brands across all their retailers in a way that wasn’t possible before. Here’s how it works at a glance: 
1. Upload: Start by uploading product catalogs through the store backend easily and be ready to be sent out to subscribing retailers and track sales and traffic of the products in real-time.  
2. Manage: Our dedicated data management team ensures all brand catalogs are up-to-date and in sync with the manufacturer’s web store.  
3. Grow: Showcase your catalogs to 1500+ online uniform retailers, have them subscribe to your feed, and expand your customer base. 
The Road Ahead for Uniform Manufacturers 
With the pandemic increasing digital adoption amongst businesses and buyers alike, uniform manufacturers are likely to reap long-term benefits by leveraging technology to meet their marketing goals. Some of the key benefits include: 
1. Low CAC: Easily connect with over 1500+ online uniform retailers to promote product catalogs without having to invest heavily in marketing.  
2. Eliminate sales friction: Set your sales reps free from the tedious task of manually updating catalogs so they can focus on converting customers & growing the revenue. 
3. Save time & resources: From updating catalogs to marketing your brand – we will do all the heavy lifting for you, in much less time, and provide all business data in one place to help you scale up fast. 

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