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2 efficient solutions to effortlessly sell uniforms online

2 efficient solutions to effortlessly sell uniforms online

8 min read
Jason October 21, 2020

Uniforms are one of the many verticals in the apparel industry. However, given its unique challenges, selling uniforms is a completely different ball game when you compare it to the rest of the apparel industry.

Being in the uniform industry for over 15 years now, UniformMarket can vouch for the fact that selling uniforms is not for everyone.  

That being said, if you’re looking to start one or already in the industry and trying to figure out new ways to boost your uniforms sales, we’ve got you covered.  

Here are the 2 main challenges faced by uniform retailers and the solutions for it.  

Challenge 1: Acquiring products and maintaining them 

Acquiring products from different brands, companies, and manufacturers is one of the most common challenges faced by uniform retailers.  

Normally, a retailer has to approach different brands to have their catalogs displayed in their online uniform store. And once they acquire them from the manufacturers, they need to ensure continued catalog accuracy by frequently making updates to their stores whenever the manufacturer or brand has changed the collection.

For instance, just imagine the complexity and challenge that would come from adding 5000 SKUs from 50 different brands at one time.

While you may work hard to keep up with the product line and ensuring that all of the products are displayed in your online uniform store, other vital operations of running your business including sales and marketing take a back seat.  

As a result, your uniforms sales take a hit.  

Solution: Uniform Catalogs 

UniformMarket helps solve this by working with manufacturers and brands to keep product information up-to-date through our uniform catalog feature.  

We have over one million SKUs in our product library that represent over 120 different brands, spanning across multiple verticals like public safety, industrial, healthcare, and corporate. 

By using this feature, you won’t have to approach new brands or manufacturers yourself and you won’t have to update the catalogs manually anymore.

As part of our unique brand syndication, the catalogs on your online uniform stores will be automatically updated whenever a manufacturer makes a change in the lineup.  

The best part is that we provide you, the retailers, complete control over either choosing only the items you wish to sell or selecting an entire catalog and having them in your store.  

Here’s a quick guide to how you can acquire this awesome feature on your online uniform store.  

Challenge 2: Selling the same products to different customers 

This is another common challenge faced by uniform retailers.  

Being a uniform retailer, you might have already realized the challenges of selling the same product to different customers. 

If you’re wondering what’s so challenging about selling the same product to different customers, it’s not selling products to different customers wherein lies the challenge, but how you want to sell it to customers differently.  

If you want to display specific pricing or offers for a particular customer or employees of a company, but do not want to display the same product pricing to the public, then what do you do?  

Now, imagine you want to sell the same product 50 different ways to 50 different customers. It’s practically impossible to do so on a regular e-commerce store, unless... 

Solution: Group Stores

...your online uniform store has the functionality to create Group Stores.  

UniformMarket, powered by SellersCommerce, provides you the functionality to create private stores for each of your preferred customers. 

Multi-stores, private stores, group stores, brand stores, company stores, or store-within-a-store, phew, that’s a lot! Whatever name you prefer to call them, it allows your chosen customers to view their specific products, pricing, and offers. We like to call them Group Stores, though. 😊  

By having the option to cater to different customers, you can essentially build customer loyalty by providing them with special offers that are only valid to them, or you can also provide different pricing to different customers, which is a clever tactic to improve sales while ensuring profitability.  

For example, let’s consider you would like to offer this functionality on your online uniform store to create a personalized experience for one of the companies to whom you cater.  

Employees of this company will be given separate login credentials. Once they log in, they will be greeted with a personalized message and their company logo.  

The products and offers displayed inside this store will be specific to this company’s employees while the rest of your shoppers will be completely oblivious to it.

The above mentioned two features are a must for any uniform retailer looking to up their uniform selling game through an online store.  

With all that said, both these features have more functionalities than what is mentioned in this article, which you can leverage to grow your online uniform sales.  

Request a demo to speak with an expert and get the complete picture.  



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