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Looking For Loyalty: 9 Ways Uniform Marketers Can Use Discounts & Coupons

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Uniform Market June 6, 2017

Discounts are among the oldest tricks in the marketing book, and it’s not hard to see why. Savings boost both short- and long-term sales, driving more orders in the present while securing future revenues through positive publicity. Such deals are particularly valuable for selling uniforms, as they allow you to maintain enthusiasm and interest for your gear. If you’re looking to boost uniform sales, consider the following discount tactics:

9. Prelaunch Promotions

For companies new to online marketing, prelaunch discounts can earn you an influx of revenue right at the start. Offer discount uniforms to customers who sign up for your mailing list or place advance orders. Alternatively, you can give uniform coupons to people who share your site on social media before the launch date, thus building early recognition.

8. Bulk Purchase Programs

Offer free shipping or direct uniform discounts for customers who order more than a certain number of items or spend more than a certain amount of money. This will encourage clients to order all of their gear on your site rather than only coming to you for specific items.

7. Abandoned Cart Appeals

Prospective customers often fill their shopping carts with items but fail to make a purchase. If you offer clients a discount for buying those items, a large portion of them will do so, as they are already interested in what they have selected.

6. Exiting Customer Engagement

Customers about to exit your site might be inclined to stay if you offer them a discount on the items they’re looking at.

5. Social Media Savings

Social media is one of the most effective ways to promote your site, but only if you get people to share it. By offering discount uniforms to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn supporters, you can raise awareness of your company dramatically.

4. Periodic Promotions

If your clients tend to need new uniforms during certain months or seasons, offer discounts if they order them at other times of the year. This encourages them to stock up on gear in the off-season.

3. Subscription Savings

If your company offers a newsletter, consider giving coupons or discount codes to those who subscribe. This will encourage more people to read the letter, which may give them new ideas of gear they could order.

2. Referral Recognition

Consumers are more likely to become customers if their friends or loved ones recommend your company. Offering discounts for referrals not only encourages more people to recommend you, but will also give them genuinely positive things to say about you.

1. Leveraging Loyalty

Customers who make large numbers of purchases over long periods of time are highly valuable to your company. By rewarding loyalty with discount uniforms and gear, you encourage more customers to offer this value.


From coupons to banners to search engine optimization, UniformMarket illuminates all the secrets to successful publicity. For more information on marketing your gear, visit our website today.


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