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7 Reasons Why UniformMarket is the Go-to eCommerce Service Provider for the Workwear Industry

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Jason December 26, 2022


Even though B2B eCommerce adoption has been at an all-time high for the past couple of years, uniform sellers in particular have been late to the party. Being family-owned legacy businesses at large, they have been averse to most technological transformations. It was not until COVID rendered supply chains dysfunctional and brick & mortar stores had to be shuttered overnight, that a large section of the industry turned to B2B eCommerce for sustenance.

Of the 16000 (approx.) uniform business (retailers, distributors & manufacturers included) in the USA and Canada region, 65% are currently using online channels to grow their business.

At UniformMarket, we have been leading the digital transformation for uniform sellers globally and currently hold 15.6% of the market share in US & Canada of the total number of businesses that have embraced B2B eCommerce to expedite their growth in the face of evolving buyer behavior.

The reason we were able to drive technology adoption so fast in a relatively orthodox workwear industry is because-

1. We’re an industry-specific eCommerce cloud

Advantage of being an end-to-end eCommerce solutions provider to online uniform sellers as opposed to point solutions is that our customers do not have to work with multiple vendors. They get everything under one roof, making it easier for them to operate and expand their business online with us. Here’s to less hassles and more happiness with UniformMarket. 

2. We cater to all uniform stakeholders

Whether you’re a retailer selling to end consumers, a distributor in charge of employee uniform programs or a manufacturer looking to go D2C while keeping B2B, we have tailor-made eCommerce solutions for all.

UniformMarket features

3. We’ve an 85+ years of brand legacy

We promise, no one out there understands the nuances of online uniform selling or the requirements of uniform sellers as well as we do. We started out in 1930s as a magazine that was the industry’s leading trade journal bearing all the important buying information one needs, before starting to develop eCommerce solutions in 2010. Our products are but a reflection of our decades of working experience distilled into digital solutions for uniform sellers to grow online.  


The last decade has seen the uniform industry gradually adopt B2B eCommerce as its primary driver of growth. As one of the earliest technology companies serving the industry, we have been witness to the progressive transformation led by our suite of advanced eCommerce solutions built for uniform retailers, distributors, and manufacturers.

Impact of UniformMarket


When we started building eCommerce software for uniform businesses, we were guided by our 85+ years of rich industry experience of working with retailers, distributors, and manufacturers.  
We exactly knew what were the challenges plaguing the workwear industry, and used our learnings to build a digital ecosystem that’s more than just a website with carts, catalogs, and payment gateways.  
We wanted to build an experience that uniform sellers relate to and buyers enjoy.

And following are the 7 key differentiators that helped us in achieving our goals.

7 differentiators that make UniformMarket the best

1. Personalized Web Stores

B2B buyers today want a B2C-like seamless buying experience. And with over 73% of B2B buying population as millennials who prefer a 100% self-service portal tailored to their needs, the demand for personalized eCommerce websites is higher than ever.

UniformMarket’s robust tech-stack enables uniform sellers to create personalized digital experience for their customers through dynamic products, contract pricing and custom buying rules.

This paves the way for a simplified buying experience as customers get to see only what they need and at their decided price, which in turn aids in decision making. 

2. Catalog Management

Catalogs are the backbone of any eCommerce site. Without accurate product information and supporting visuals to aid your customers through the sales journey, even the most attractive website will fail to convert. 
At UniformMarket, we work with over 170+ uniform suppliers to procure product catalogs, clean, enrich and standardize them into eCommerce-compatible versions. Online uniform retailers can simply subscribe to brands they want to sell, and receive updated catalogs directly on their sites. 
Our catalog management services increase ease of business for retailers as they will be spared of the hassles of coordinating with manufacturers to get product feeds and then spend hours cleaning them in-house  

3. Multi-store eCommerce

We care just as much about our customer’s growth as they do about their business. Multi-store eCommerce enables uniform sellers to easily diversify into new markets and geographies by setting up geo-specific stores to serve niche audiences. 
And in case you’re worried about operational challenges in managing multiple online stores – be rest assured. UniformMarket’s comprehensive admin portals are designed to track everything from one place.

Get all the insights, sales data, user analytics and performance metrics needed to monitor your business and take the guess work out of your decision making.  

4. Native Integrations

eCommerce personalization is all about judicious use of customer data to create an experience they’d cherish. And that can only be made possible if your eCommerce integrates with other key applications like ERP, HRMS, etc., to facilitate the exchange of data between all platforms/channels involved in the smooth conduct of a business.  
UniformMarket has 150+ enterprise connectors out-of-the-box to ensure an integrated online experience every step of the way. We use API-based integrators to connect with leading ERP, HRMS and Accounting tools, so you won’t have to work with third-party developers and spend a ton of money for the best online experience possible.

Some of our integration partners-


Hubspot Logo Avalara Logo NetSuite logo
SAP Logo Oracle logo PayPal logo


5. Cloud-based SaaS

The workwear industry is susceptible to frequent changes in client requirements and unless you’re able to rapidly develop and deploy new features to ensure seamless service, you’re likely to experience churn.  
Thankfully, that’s not the case with UniformMarket. Our large in-house engineering team will work closely with you to understand your requirements and develop new features as required in quick time, so you can continue to delight your clients.  
We follow a cloud-based SaaS eCommerce model so everything from development and deployment and beyond is on us, which potentially saves millions of dollars in tech and support for our customers. Not to mention, the precious peace of mind they get with us. 


6. Out-of-the-box Industry Configurations

Complicated workflows to deep customizations, the absolutely non-negotiable facets of online uniform selling are achieved with utmost simplicity with UniformMarket.  
Be it uniform allowance, flexi payments, hierarchical approval, automated order management, or supervisor login areas – UniformMarket’s out-of-the-box configurations enable uniform sellers to meet every client’s expectation easily and continue to scale their business. 

7. Omnichannel Experience

We believe that more than anything, it’s user convenience that determines the success of any eCommerce platform. It’s a well-known fact that new-age B2B buyers want flexibility at every step of their sales journey. They are unlikely to sit before their computers every time they want to order their uniforms or just want to know about a few products.

Therefore, omnichannel experience is a must. 
UniformMarket’s omnichannel eCommerce platforms enable uniform sellers to provide a consistent brand experience to their customers across a wide range of channels and devices. Buyers can login from any device, anytime and be greeted with the same experience they’re used to on the main eCommerce site.

This also boosts sales as users are more comfortable buying from a brand that provides them the convenience of shopping anytime anywhere.


The leading names in the uniform industry trust UniformMarket to manage their eCommerce operations. Here’s a quick look at the clients we serve-


Scrubs & Beyond logo Careismatic brands logo
Chesapeake logo American FR & Safety logo


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