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5 ways uniform sellers be recession proof this thanksgiving

5 Ways for Uniform Sellers to be Recession-proof this Thanksgiving

8 min read
Jason November 22, 2022

Thanksgiving - the much-awaited time for business owners as people come together to celebrate the year's harvest over good food, great vibes and extensive shopping for their near and dear ones, around the corner.

Online sales garner record numbers during this period, often to the extent where sellers find it difficult to fulfill them. But if planned right, you can literally cash on the Thanksgiving surge to bump up your revenue.

However, this year's Thanksgiving is likely to be different. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has prophesied the oncoming of an economic recession and advised people to refrain from expensive purchases and instead build a cash reserve for themselves to weather the tough times ahead.

For uniform sellers though, the impact may not be as severe. Especially the ones with healthcare companies and public safety departments on their clientele as uniforms are mandatory for these business functions.

And unlike other lifestyle goods that are widely sold in Thanksgiving, uniforms are a non-negotiable necessity to ensure the safety & comfort of healthcare workers and people working in public safety departments who risk their life to safeguard ours.

Therefore, the uniform industry at large, is likely to sail unscathed through Thanksgiving, despite the looming economic crisis.

In fact, if you’re a uniform seller catering to those sectors, you can as well use the upcoming shopping season to boost sales on your online uniform store. With thanksgiving around the corner, turkey-laden tables, and baked pumpkin pies --- here are some top ideas for online uniform store owners to boom their sales and have a happy thanksgiving.

2215780Use steal deals, coupons and attractive discounts  

Thanksgiving is the time to give back to your customers. And what better than providing attractive offers and discounts to drive more sales.

Use feature banners on your online store to promote your offers. Leverage the power of social media to connect with your potential buyers with stellar Thanksgiving deals. And if you have a email newsletters for your brand, use it expand your reach by running hyper-targeted campaigns and get more engagement. 

Coupons or deals for thanksgiving


2215780Watch out for new promotional goods RTFs

Businesses tend to gift company-branded goods to their employees during Thanksgiving to make them feel valued. If you're someone who deals in promotional goods or serve major hotel chains and aviation companies, allocating some resources to accommodate for last minute orders can help you deal better with the festive surge, while keeping your customers happy.

Thanksgiving promotional goods


2215780Customize your online store

Getting ready for the festive season? Make sure your store looks the part too. Lend your uniform store a facelift and welcome your buyers in a new avatar.

UniformMarket's webstores are extremely easy to customize. If you're using one, simply choose your preferred design template that suits the occasion from our vast library of mobile-optimized templates, and get your store ready for Thanksgiving in no time.


Thanksgiving online store customization

2215780Offer date-centric free shipping

Ensuring timely order fulfillment specially during the holiday season when everyone is on a shopping spree can potentially turn your buyers into brand advocates.

Take your customer service a notch higher this Thanksgiving by offering free shipping within a specific time period. While this will put your logistics and fulfillment team to the test, the outcomes, undoubtedly, will be worth it.

Watch your sales numbers pick as more happy customers return for repeat purchases with the assurance of timely delivery.

2215780A token of thanks goes a long way

At the end of the day, you will be remembered for how you make your buyers feel. And not what you sell. Make the brand experience one to cherish this Thanksgiving for your customers by sending them customized messages or free goodies with every offer. It's these small gestures of gratitude that make a huge impact on how your brand is perceived by your customers.

This Thanksgiving, let enhanced customer experience be the real differentiator for your brand while you boost your online uniform sales using these 5 key techniques, despite the uncertain the prevailing economic uncertainties. 

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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