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Top 7 Medical Scrub Suppliers & Manufacturers in Australia

Top 7 Medical Scrub Suppliers & Manufacturers in Australia

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Jason October 17, 2022

Medical scrubs are everyday medical uniforms for nurses and medical practitioners in the healthcare environment. The need for high-quality scrubs as well as the demand for medical scrubs have significantly gone up over the past few years, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak. 

We have listed everything that you need to know about the top scrub manufacturers and suppliers in Australia. (Note: Not ranked in order of preference) 

Take a look at the top scrub manufacturers and suppliers in the uniform industry; 

  6. ZOE + CHLOE  


questionDid you know? 

Medical Scrubs Market to Hit USD 140.64 Billion with 5.9% CAGR by 2027. 
(Source - Fortune Business Insights) 

Top medical scrubs suppliers and manufacturers in Australia 


1. NNT Uniforms


With over 60 years of experience, NNT Uniforms is Australia’s leading healthcare and corporate uniform apparel brand. NNT has been fitting the healthcare professionals who dedicate their careers to delivering vital care in hospitals and healthcare settings.                                                         

NNT’s healthcare range has been thoughtfully designed to ensure comfort, safety, and ease of care without compromise. From cutting-edge fabrications to clever design features, their bestselling medical scrubs are built to work as hard as healthcare professionals. 

NNT uniforms are designed in consultation with industry professionals, investing in research and development to create new high-tech uniform solutions that meet needs and exceed customer expectations. 

NNT Uniforms has unveiled its latest campaign and a new brand direction ‘Fit for the Frontline’. The new campaign celebrates professionals on the frontline. 

Take a look at NNT Uniform’s Scrubs and healthcare uniform range Catalog. 

Founded: 1962 

Specialities: Health care uniforms & corporate supplies 

Headquarter: Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 

Contact: 1300 652 554 (Toll-Free)  

Email: onlinestore@nnt.com.au 


2. Infectious  infectious-clothing-company_myshopify_com_logo

Since its beginning, the Infectious team has grown consistently and became Australia’s leading medical uniform provider. They manage uniform solutions for individuals and hospitals, including Medical Centres, dental Practices, aged Care, vets, medical imaging, franchise groups, beauty, and laser therapists. 

The Infectious Clothing range now includes scrubs, footwear, lab coats, and clinical, and corporate wear designed with the latest technology and innovation in work uniforms. They also claim to be branding and embroidery experts. 

Since its establishment, Infectious Clothing's goal has always been to offer a uniform solution inclusive of the highest quality product and most exceptional customer service. 

Infectious is an authorized Australian reseller of leading apparel brands such as- Dickies Medical, WonderWink, Code Happy, Zoe and Chloe, Biz Collection, Biz Corporate, City Collection, Aussie Pacific, JB's Wear, Skechers and New Balance. 

Infectious product catalogs: 

  1. Dickies Uniforms Product Catalog
  2. WonderWink catalog 

Founded: 2001 

Specialities: Medical Scrub Uniforms, Scrub Pants, Scrub Tops, Scrub Sets, and Lab Coats among others 

Headquarter: Kunda Park, Queensland, Australia 

Contact: 1300-661-475  

Email: orders@infectious.com.au 



3. MediScrubs download

Today, MediScrubs is one of the global leaders in supplying professional medical uniforms. After 10 years in design and textiles, their collection continues to evolve as they grow with our client's needs.  

They are the most respected medical scrub brand in Australia, and as they continue to expand their operations across the globe, they are building lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect. 

They provide medical scrubs, and accessories for those working within healthcare and related fields, including - hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, surgeries, private practices, laboratories and clinics. 

Founded: 2009 

Specialties: Medical apparel, medical scrubs, printed scrub, etc. 

Headquarters: 12/8, Centre View Drive Biggera Waters, QLD 4216 Australia  

Contact: (07) 55 376 443

4. Hunter Scrubs download (1)

Hunter Scrubs has been supplying the highest quality medical scrubs, uniforms & PPE to the medical industry. 

They provide ultra-comfy, high-quality medical scrubs to make the most of every shift. 

Their customer service team specializes in dealing with group orders. They deal with medical, dental, and veterinary practices, nursing homes, hospitals, and universities. They can also arrange color, style, and size samples to assist the buyer in arriving at a decision. Buyers can set up their logo and any other requirements they have for embroidery specific or others. 

Hunter Scrubs contact details: 

Founded: 2004 

Specialties: Medical scrubs and healthcare uniforms 

Headquarters: Redhead, New South Wales 

Contact: 49435661 



5. Smilewear Medical Scrubs & Uniforms SW_Logo_2020_CMYK_Stacked

With over 20 years of experience outfitting the medical profession, Smilewear scrubs caters to all medical businesses and the unique needs of individuals purchasing scrubs and uniforms. 

As one of Australia’s largest privately owned medical uniform supply companies, they have the biggest range of stock, sizes, styles and colors available. They guarantee a safe online buying experience and quick delivery with orders of their in-store available stock shipping within 48 hours. 

Smilewear Medical Scrubs are sellers of leading apparel brands such as WonderWink Scrubs, KOI Scrubs, ZOE + CHLOE and BIZ Collection Scrubs. 

Smilewear Medical Scrubs & Uniforms product catalogs: 

  1. WonderWink catalog
  2. KOI Scrubs 

Specialities: Medical scrubs and healthcare uniforms 

Headquarter: Unit 4, 482 Stafford Road Stafford, QLD 4053   

Contact: (07) 2102 6231 


6. ZOE + CHLOE  274-2743397_toggle-nav-zoe-chloe-scrubs-logo

ZOE + CHLOE's goal is to provide adorable and affordable medical scrub designs that bring smiles to all patients. Inspired by recent trends, their designers work tirelessly to create cheerful, light-hearted, timeless, classic, and fashion-forward prints at the right prices.  

Quality matters to the brand and they ensure that the fabric and fit of every garment are meticulously tested to their satisfaction. All of the brand’s products are made with amazingly soft fabric and the fit is measured to perfection. 

Take a look at ZOE + CHLOE healthcare uniform range Catalog. 

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7. Scrub Lab SCRUB-LAB-Logo-web-800

Scrub Lab’s ethos is to design stylish, functional, and durable workwear to support the professional, performance, and personal needs of individuals, teams, and organizations in the medical healthcare industry. 

Their garments are inspired by the daily challenges faced by medical professionals. Featuring their proprietary SLTec fabric technology, their scrubs are antimicrobial, wrinkle resistant, durable, ultra-soft, and provide four ways stretch for supreme comfort. 

Engineered for high performance, the brand's garments are designed to feel comfortable and be ready for whatever the day throws at you. 

Founded: 2020 

Specialities: Medical apparel and medical scrubs 

Headquarter: Melbourne, Australia  

Contact: hello@scrub-lab.com 

Summing up  

We hope this article helped you in finding some of the best Australian manufacturers and suppliers of medical scrub uniforms and protective clothing. In conclusion, we presented seven reliable scrub manufacturers and suppliers in Australia. These businesses produce and sell high-quality scrubs, surgical attire, protective clothing, and disposable medical uniforms. 

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