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What to expect at the Uniform Retailers Association Trade Show 2020

What to expect at the Uniform Retailers Association Trade Show 2020

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Uniform Market October 17, 2020

Widely regarded as the only retailer show in the industry started by independent retailers for independent retailers, the 14th Annual Uniform Retailers Association (URA) Trade Show will proceed as planned this year, but as a virtual show to be attended online.

It’s creatively designed to ensure the attendees will get the maximum value out of it, despite not being present in person.  

The trade show will kick-off on October 25th with an introductory announcement from the URA Board, and then followed by a welcome party with White Swan Bands.  

The show will proceed until November 3rd and will treat attendees with educational offerings, special events, and much more.  

The trade show offers retailers a rich learning experience by presenting educational sessions on what is currently driving the industry, as well as a chance to learn from the top market leaders. Practical solutions and best management practices will be shared throughout the show with invaluable takeaways on managing your business better. 

While the URA Trade Show always has been known to be a great platform for exhibiting new designs, fabrics, and products, and learning from leading industry retail experts, it was never this important to attend the show, given how things have unraveled on the onset of the pandemic.  

The trade show will serve as a great learning experience in understanding how the uniform market has been affected by COVID-19. Participants will learn about new technologies that can help grow your business, how to market in a COVID-19 world, and to future-proof your business.  

In addition, attendees also can participant in more lighthearted activities like a magic show and lucky draws.  

Show's itinerary

Here is a little peek at the trade show’s agenda. 

October 25: Welcome with the URA Board, Welcome Party with White Swan brands 

October 26: Education with David Arvin - Customer Experience is the new competitive advantage 
Education - Making you web-store part of your new normal 
Unmasking event with Careismatic brands 
October 27: Education - New features to drive customer loyalty 

October 28: Education with David Arvin - A day in the life of your customer 
Education - Marketing in a COVID world 
Magic show with White Cross 

October 29: Education - Coffee talk with the URA Board and annual meeting 

November 2: Education with David Arvin - Future-proofing your business 

November 3: Education with David Arvin - Finding ways to say “Yes” 
Lucky draw - Prize announcements 

How does the virtual trade show work? 

How does the virtual trade show work? 

As the URA 2020, Virtual Trade Show is for members only, you can only attend the show for free if you are an existing customer or if you’ve registered for a yearly membership from here, for as little as $150.  

Once the trade show kicks off, the attendees can visit the available exhibitor’s private profile page.  

The profile page will include details of the exhibitor by having a welcome video about their brand, buttons and links to their website, marketing materials, and forms.  

The page also includes the option to either have a video chat with the exhibitor to get any queries cleared. The attendees can also schedule an appointment to understand more about what the exhibitors have to offer.  

The attendees can also enter the contest for the event and earn entries by visiting these profiles.  

Now, a URA Trade Show without UniformMarket would simply be incomplete. So, like always UM will be a part of the show with our own private profile page.  

Visit our profile page to get to know our latest and greatest technological innovations designed especially for uniform retailers.  

You can also get in touch with Nancy Cardona, the National Sales Manager for UniformMarket, through the live video chat option or schedule an appointment with her to discuss your business requirements, and more.  

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