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5 Reasons Why You Need to Provide Custom-Embroidery in Your Online Uniform Store

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Jason February 15, 2021

Whether it’s a sense of pride, for brand awareness, or functionality, we all understand the importance of wearing uniforms at work.

However, did you know, that providing uniforms alone might not meet a company’s specific uniform requirement and that you can boost your uniform sales by 20% by providing an additional option?

It’s true. You can boost your uniform sales by providing shoppers the functionality of selecting a specific type of embroidery or screen-printing on their uniforms.

Custom-embroidered uniforms are a necessity in almost all the uniform industries like healthcare, corporate, public safety, and many others.

While donning custom-embroidered workwear does not directly affect how an employee performs at work, it sure provides a lot of benefits to the company and its wearer.

Let’s dive into the top reasons why you need to provide your shoppers with such functionality and how it will benefit them.

1. Paints a professional picture

Have you ever entered a coffee shop or a restaurant and was greeted by a staff member in branded clothes with a company logo and/or their name?

We’re sure it made your experience seem professional as compared to being greeted by a staff member with no logo or nameplate.

Most companies today understand this difference and have started providing their employees with uniforms that have embroidered company logos and their names on the uniforms.

So, if you’re looking to provide uniforms to organizations or even individual employees, you don’t want to miss out on providing them this important feature through your online uniform store.

2. Fosters trust

Don’t you think it would instill a sense of trust when you are tended by a staff member in uniform with his/her name and company branding displayed on it?

In fact, it’s similar to how people associate a high-quality nature to branded products. Companies spend money to create trust in their potential clients by showcasing their employees in high-quality uniforms and branding.

This branding is done by purchasing uniforms that are embroidered with the company logo. Medical institutions, public safety organizations, airlines and hospitality industries, and many others require embroidered uniforms for this exact reason.

3. Identify employees

Companies with multiple departments want their vast number of employees to be easily identifiable by having their nameplates and badges embroidered or badges made using badge designer tools.

Consider the uniforms for the U.S. Army, for instance. Each army member uniform has their name embroidered into the shirt.

They also have specific badges worn on their uniforms based on their group and seniority levels. This is also helpful for security agencies who use badges and nametapes on their security uniforms. 

If you’re looking to provide uniforms to such organizations that require nameplates and badges, you must have tools like Embroidery Manager and Badge Designer on your online uniform stores.

4. Creates advertising opportunities

Most corporate companies today have created an opportunity to advertise their brand through embroidered or screen-printed T-shirts or uniforms for their employees.

Even though it’s an old practice, it’s gradually becoming a trend in most corporate companies.

On one hand, the employees, upon receiving these freebies, are motivated to work hard and the company on the other hand will have a cost-effective way to promote their brand through their employees.

5. Boosts brand recognition

Brand recognition is another important reason for most companies to opt in for embroidered uniforms as opposed to plain ones.

Most workers tend to wear their uniforms outside their workplaces like to a grocery store after work for instance, or while going home after work.

This provides companies an opportunity to draw the public’s attention to their brand by having their employees wear uniforms that are embroidered with the brand logo.

Such an opportunity is clearly missed if the employee wears a plain uniform that is devoid of any branding.

Whichever the reason, you need to provide your clients and shoppers an option to have embroidery on their uniforms.

Now, most eCommerce platforms do not support the functionality to create or upload embroidery designs for apparel, let alone for uniforms. That’s why you need to locate one with an Embroidery Manager that does offer the flexibility and customization your customer employees look for when selecting uniforms.

Thankfully, UniformMarket understands the industry requirements clearly and came up with a comprehensive designer tool that allows you to provide your customers with an engaging and personalized experience that can be supported from the back-end.

You may also want to check some of the custom badge designer tools we provide on our app store.

To know more about how you can provide your customers with a personalized experience through embroidery and stand out in the sea of uniform providers, contact us.

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