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How providing embroidery can boost your uniform sales by %20.

How providing embroidery can boost your uniform sales by 20%

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Jason October 22, 2020

Have you realized how increasingly overcrowded the uniform space has become? 

Given that it is a billion-dollar industry in the USA alone, and with thousands of uniform retailers, distributors, and manufacturers vying for each other to grab maximum share of the market, standing apart in this field is surely a hard nut to crack.  

That being said, one way to create a name for your brand and to stand apart from your competitors is to provide your customers with a Unique Selling Point (USP).  

One effective USP (which you might have already guessed going by the article’s title) to imbibe your uniform business is by providing personalized/customized solutions in the form of uniform embroidery to your customers.  

However, the problem with offering custom embroidery solutions is that each customer has a different requirement. This makes it hard to track and deliver.  

More often than not, the finished product has an incorrect detail to it or it ends up requiring a rework of some kind.   

But, what if we tell you that there is a way to offer different user personalization options to cover the requirements of a wide range of customers through a single solution?

UniformMarket’s custom uniform embroidery solution, which is a part of the uniform program, eliminates the need for a rework and reduces inaccurate outcomes and eventually decreases the number of order returns.  

Before we dive deeper into the topic, let’s look at some of the embroidery requirements in uniform programs.

Embroidery requirements in uniform purchase programs 

Embroidery or embellishments are an important aspect of uniforms for certain fields like healthcare and public safety.  

However, most hospitals and public safety fields do not accept name badges as they either poke holes in the garments or fall off and go missing. In such scenarios, embroidery is an effective solution.  

Below are some of the benefits of getting a custom embroidery on a uniform: 

- Helps solve identity and security issues.  

- Ensures the employees are buying approved uniforms and garments with the right name, branding, and color.  

- Improves the professional aesthetics of a uniform  

- It is more durable in withstanding frequent and high-temperature laundering.  

If you’re a uniform retailer or manufacturer providing your customers with different methods of embellishments or embroidery, you would need a platform that can offer all of the different user personalization options that are available.   

Most uniform providers either do not offer the option to have embroidery on their uniforms or provide limited options in terms of customizing it.  

It is hard to find a uniform program that offers numerous personalization types and tools that support the varied requirements of your customers. 

That’s why we’ve come up with a custom embroidery tool that provides 5 personalization options to meet all embroidery requirements.  

UniformMarket’s Embroidery Manager is a smart intuitive online design tool that allows your customers to order personalized products and to manage all the embroidery orders, approvals, and requests from a single platform.  

Essential features of an embroidery manager 

If you’re looking for an embroidery manager for your uniform identity program, below are some of the must-have features that you should be looking for when deciding:

Custom pricing 

It’s one of the most important features of an embroidery manager. As opposed to having a set price, your e-commerce store should accommodate appropriate pricing based on the type of embroidery used, size, number of colors used, and the number of logos or images on a uniform. Basically, you can set pricing based on the complexity of the embroidery.  

Options based on employee role or group 

Providing an option for an employee to choose a specific logo or embroidery based on his/her job role or department is an effective way to ensure that the employee is picking up an embroidery that is relevant to him/her and effectively reduces the number of incorrect order returns.  

Flexibility to customize or edit the design 

This is a useful embroidery feature, especially in the B2C space, where there is no set rule or standard for how an embroidery must look. So, providing your customer with the flexibility to design and customize themselves is a pretty handy feature.  

How an embroidery manager can help manage all your customer’s embroidery needs 

In order to help you meet your customer’s different embroidery options, we have come up with multiple personalization options. So, you’re free to select whichever option works best for your business.  

1. Basic personalization 

2. Limited personalization 

3. Advanced personalization 

4. Decorator 

5. Uniform/clothing designer 

Each of the above personalization types offers a different level of flexibility to personalize an embroidery based on the customer’s requirement.  

For example, if your customer is looking to add a preferred text or logo to a prefixed location on the uniform, say on the upper-right torso, with a preferred font and font size, and be able to make adjustments using the preview window before sending it for production, then you could offer them a limited personalization feature and set pricing, accordingly.  

Each of the above types differs in terms of requirements, user experience, and the number of customizations a user can have. The best part is that all these types can be offered from a single platform.  

What type of embroideries are supported? 

We support a number of embroidery options such as: 

- Screen printing 

- Embroidery 

- Monogramming 

- Hot Stamping 

- Direct-to-Garment printing 

- Engraving 

By having such a functional feature on your e-commerce store, you can effectively reduce the number of order returns due to inaccuracies and also make more sales. This, in turn, can help you make 20% more sales in the long run.

To know more about our Embroidery Manager, request a demo by clicking below. Schedule a demo

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