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What is a Uniform Program & 5 reasons why your company needs one 

What is a Uniform Program & 5 reasons why your company needs one

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Jason September 4, 2020

A uniform becomes an extension of a brand when its employees feel confident and proud of what they wear. This, in turn, creates brand awareness, staff loyalty and retention, and ultimately, a great customer experience.   

Isn’t that what every business essentially strives for?  

With that aside, how do you think a brand could take that experience to the next level? That is when a Uniform Program comes into the picture.  

It effectively solves a company’s uniform requirement through a single platform, allowing uniform distributors to meet their demands efficiently and in a hassle-free way.  

In today’s world of workwear, having an intuitive and flexible Uniform Program is a must, given that over 50% of the world’s working population currently dons a uniform, and that includes those earning over $100,000, as well.  

But what exactly is a Uniform Program? Does a company really need one? Let’s find out.  

What is a Uniform Program? 

A Uniform Program is an effective solution for companies to supply company-branded apparel and merchandise to their employees. These uniforms help recognize them and also increases their safety and functionality while at work.  

Uniform Program or Employee Uniform Program simplifies the process of ordering and equipping a company’s employees with uniforms while also making it easier for a distributor to track and fulfill those needs.  

Let’s consider a company with thousands of employees. Supplying these employees with their uniform requirements is in itself a herculean task. Now imagine, how hard and confusing it would be if a different uniform design is set for employees at different levels and positions.  

Such kind of uniform requirements can be seen in airlines and healthcare industries. In this case, it is extremely important that a uniform distributor or manufacturer utilizes a robust yet flexible platform. 

Top 5 reasons why a company needs a Uniform Program 

1. Grouping options 

B2B sellers who cater to huge organizations with thousands of employees across the globe or in multiple locations may want to leverage on a Uniform Program that has the functionality to create multiple groups based on buyers, locations, payment methods, allowances, products, and many others.  

This allows different group members to view only those products that are assigned to those groups.  

2. Safety and functionality 

There are certain industries like construction, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and many others that require their employees to wear uniforms mandatorily.  

These uniforms not only serve the purpose of identification, but more importantly is required to be worn for high-visibility and safety while working in harsh conditions.  

Companies like these will definitely require Uniform Programs to cater to their huge number of employees and different uniform design requirements. 

3. Provide personalized experience 

Providing a personalized experience to customers is one of the most effective ways to create a unique selling point and stand out from your competitors.  

A Uniform Program has the flexibility to provide different personalization levels to your customers based on their requirements. This includes options such as embroidery, screen printing, monogramming, hot stamping, direct-to-garment printing, engraving, and many others.  

4. Set quotas 

As part of a Uniform Program, you may want to set quotas to employees based on their levels and job positions.  

This will allow a particular employee to place an order for a limited number of products at the time of checking out or during a period.  

5. Hassle-free management 

Any company or business that is looking to equip its employees with uniforms would want to use a uniform management system that caters to multiple functionalities like user management, and many others.  

A hassle-free Uniform Program allows an admin to assign user-profiles and permissions to employees so that they will be allowed to order apparel that is assigned to them by their managers.  

The same functionality applies to other features like catalog and order management, where the options can be switched and tracked seamlessly  

Now that you are aware of what exactly a Uniform Program is and the top reasons why a company may need one, you may want to launch your very own uniform program.  

However, you need to be aware of certain things like choosing the right e-commerce provider or setting up an e-commerce system based on your requirements. You may go through our blog article on 7 steps to launch a Uniform Program to have a better understanding.  

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